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Day 577: Just Because You

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Feeling a little better today. Still very drained though. Managed to get in 120 minutes of exercise yesterday, mostly in little spurts and light exercise. But it was better than sitting on my butt all day long.

Yesterday was also the beginning of a new challenge for me with my healthy habits. I decided to try the Metabolism Miracle, I fit into about every little check box they had. I couldn't believe it. Everything fit me. So yesterday was Day 1 of Step 1. Hoping it goes well for me, yesterday I wanted chocolate and pasta, I did good and didn't eat any of it. But it will definitely be a test for me, since everything we have does have carbs in it, yikes! LOL! You don't realize how much until you really start reading labels. WOW! So will be a big change for me. So I think tonight I will go grocery shopping pick up the usual stuff for the family, and pick up a few alternatives of the same things for me, as well as um, yeah veggies for me. I am not a veggie person, I have no idea how to cook fresh asparagus, broccoli or brussel sprouts either. We thankfully already eat a lot of lean meats, so that part is covered. But no cereal for breakfast, no peanut butter toast, yikes. So big change, big change. Although I am drained today, I don't feel horrible after yesterday other than the fact that I was sick Monday and Tuesday. If this plan does indeed work, then it should be no problem to be close to goal weight if not goal weight by August 16th for my early vow renewal of 10 years. I am so excited and yet so nervous. I only want people that love us both dearly there, I only want a smaller crowd than my husband intends, I want to be skinnier than I am, but also healthier and stronger and happier as well. We have so much we need to do it's unbelievable and not all of it is related to that. So busy busy for sure. And definitely will go by better if I stop getting sick.

Today, I will increase the intensity of my workouts but be smart enough to listen to my body so I don't overdo it. And definitely make sure I get some "me" time in, thinking of maybe reading a book or drawing.

As for my other issues, still are problems for me. Not sure what to do about them. I want to go to the doctor, but they always tell me it's in my head that's causing any of my problems. But I don't have an easy way to switch doctors and then have to start all over explaining. It's very frustrating.

So plan for today:

Move around
Sit less
Drink water
Stay on new plan
Don't get to distracted about what I eat
Play with kids
Get in exercise
Clean house
Check Sparkpeople
Be strong
Be confident
Think positive thoughts

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    HI Jen !! I do some carbs,, but for the MOST PART they are healthy, except for cereal at nigt time,, but that is GLUTEN FREE !! I am now TOTALLY GLUTEN FREE !! PHEW !! THANKFULLY !! for it helps out GREATLY if one is sensitive to gluten,,, cuts WAY DOWN On the pain of the arthritis ! THANKFULLY !!

    I do not know what ur shopping area is like? Where I live,, we have a regular groc store,,, that has a TON of organic things in every dept,, and they are NICELY PRICED for the "most part" which is how they DRAW IN MANY Fams here away from the "other store,, Shaws". It also HIGHLY caters to the GLUTEN FREE which is what you can do for pasta,, often they are veggies,,,,, that are in a pasta form,, and with speg sauce,, you can NOT TELL !! I LOVE IT ! Costs JUST A TINY bit more than regular pasta.

    I eat a spouted bread,, and its SOOO YUMMY and VERY LIGHT on CALS !! SO I can still have my sandwich WITHOUT cooking at noon, unless I CHOSE TO !! lately I've been on a and this is HORRID on cals, but HOT DAWG KICK !! I get the ALL beef,, and the MORE I PAY for them,, the BETTER THEY ARE for me !! And I use a gluten free roll,,, it DOES have some carbs, but, sometimes ,, you need to really LOOK around,, but, SOME CARBS are GOOD FOR YOU !! they have found those diets WITHOUT carbs,, are NOT good for ya,, , though it was quite a fab,,, and that's how they found out. I watch some of the "The Doctors" show ,, and they have done study after study. I'd suggest doing the GOOD vS the BAD CARBS, but in the end Jen,, you will decide. Also plz be aware,, of the studies on SPARKS, which state if we are trying to lose a lot by such and such a date,,, it is a GREAT incentive, but if its not working,, than reset the date,, for our "HAPPINESS" DOES NOT Depend on "WHAT SIZE AM I"????? It REALLY DEPENDs on "THE TYPE OF PERSON AM I"? "AM I TAKING CARE OF MYSELF the BEST I CAN"? If so, PAT URSELF ON THE BACK for EVEN NOW TRYING Jen,, PLZ hon,, do NOT allow the "scale" a SIMPLE PIECE OF METAL (or hard plastic) ALLOW you to tie into the thinking of "I am GOOD OR BAD". :)

    mANy HUGS HON !! ur doing GREAT !!!
    1461 days ago
    I am sure you will get there it just takes some experimenting .I do eat carbs but nothing like I used to.
    1461 days ago
  • NHES220
    I like Justin's Maple Almond Butter - a little pricey but good and I toast a slice of the low carb bread and put a tablespoon of it on there. Another go to meal for me is low-fat shredded cheese melted on a low-carb tortilla. I just heat up the shell in a pan and sprinkle the cheese on it. I also have arugula with italian dressing - nothing to cook. Just some ideas.
    1461 days ago
    You may find you feel better without the carbs. I've. Tried using yellow and green squash, cut into thin strips and steamed in a tiny bit of broth, then put meatbals or sauce or shrimp or chicken and any veggie. Tricks you that its not pasta, plus tastes delish. Burns the calories too. Also, you can steam (cook in an inch of water) or boil brocolli, brussel sprouts or asparagus. We like to cut sprouts and asparagus in half and bake 400 for. 8 -11 min, drizzeled w olive oil. You can put strips of ham and sprinkle touch of parmesian for a fancier fiest.
    All l know is that for me, when l eat sugar or flour products, and cookies etc that are store bought, l feel tired afterwards, and sluggish.
    Try Mixing peanut butter with uncooked oats. Or on a date or celery. It's so good for you and you willget over not having it on toast.
    Good luck with your Goals but mostly with your Lifestyle Change.
    As l have learned its 80% nutrition ( meaning # of calories) and 20% about the fitness
    1461 days ago
  • DISNEY4537
    emoticon I am getting over being sick again! I hope you feel better soon! emoticon
    1461 days ago
    1461 days ago
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