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This Crazy Life.... (Excuses and photos)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sooooo.... I have kind of failed on the whole blogging weekly thing lately. Sorry guys! I promise to start doing better from here on out. Life has been super crazy for me....which isn't a very good excuse I know. I guess the biggest problem has been that I usually type my blogs during spare time at work and I have had none of that to speak of for the last month. I will have to come up with a different plan. Don't they always say that if you are determined enough you will find a way to make it happen? Gotta work on the determination!

Spring Break was the last week of March here for both of our girls although we started our activities the previous Wednesday when our youngest (Amanda) finished her finals and was able to join us for a trip to Boise complete with a hockey game. We love attending hockey games! Overall spring break was pretty good and Mal (the oldest one) seemed to work on having a good attitude for the week and being a pleasant person to be around. She even thanked me when I was running her around (her driving history is so bad that we can't insure her without serious risk to our ability to get insurance....a whole big long story) to all of her various appointments, which rarely happens. Although Amanda kept telling me "Don't trust it. She is just being nice because she wants something and you will just get hurt..." And she is probably right. Deep down I know she is right. She has too many bills coming due in the next six months and we are her only hope for help, but I like to think that maybe she has grown up a little.

During the week of spring break my boss came down with the flu and ended up being out all week. It was a bit challenging because I had planned to take some time off to spend with the girls and I constantly felt torn between being at work and being at home, but I was able to leave early on a few afternoons so that helped a little.

Then Sunday right after we said "good bye" to all the kids, I received a call that my boss had suffered from complete respiratory failure and had been life-flight to a hospital in Boise. Long story short, 2 weeks before the end of tax season (it can be intense for the investment industry as well as accountants) I looked around and realized that every detail of the office operation was now up to me. For my firm we usually work in sets of one financial advisor and one assistant and because we are so far away from other branch offices, it really is just the two of us out here. My boss couldn't talk so I had no source of advice or direction at all. Soooo..... I took a deep breath and started working like a crazy person. I decided that I was just going to have to do my best to make decisions as they came along and try to make sure that everything was done both legally and quickly. I lined up an advisor in another town who agreed to offer financial counsel for those who needed it (I can't legally provide it) and became good friends with the on-call advisors who can help with trades via phone. And I took pages and pages of notes as the clients were sometimes lined up on the phone and in person with questions and trade requests. Things often happened so fast that I went through my notes at the end of the day to make sure that I hadn't forgotten anything that needed to be added to my to-do list. I went through my boss’s task lists to make sure everyone was taken care of. I opened accounts, placed trades, kept up with account maintenance and answered questions on my boss as fast as I could go. I came in early, stayed late and stopped by to do the cleaning on weekends when no one would call or expect me to be there. The stress was killer, but I have to say I am proud of myself! And in a weird way, I have really enjoyed a busier work schedule. Our quieter office has really been getting to me.

And while all that was going on at work, I also repainted our master bedroom a beautiful warm gray color! I am still working on finding all the new decor items to finish the room off, but I did get my one room painted! I also took some spray paint to a few of the small pieces of furniture in the room to change them to a new, fresh and better color. And I bought the paint, curtains and pillows for our family room so I will start on that next.

The weekend before tax season ended, my hubby and Amanda had a state conference for Future Business Leaders of America. They were both presenting workshops and we were signed up to help with some of the business tours. And because we were going to be in Portland we had tickets for a Blazer's game and a Cirque Du Soleil performance. So I was once again torn between work and family commitments. In the end I was able to arrange for a temporary assistant to come into our office for a day and a half and I flew on a little Cessna plane up to Portland to join my family a few days after previously planned. It was my first time in a Cessna and I was SO nervous! But I survived and lived to tell about it and we had a great weekend together. Far too little shopping time, but I did find some great workout clothes! One of the perks of helping on an Addidas headquarters tour is 50% off in their company store!

So as you can see, my life has been CRAZY lately! But I have been pretty good at keeping up with workouts. If things continue as they have been I should be at 1600-1700 fitness minutes for the month and that isn't bad considering. Although I definitely plan to increase it for May! Food has been hit and miss. I am really working this week to get back into tracking everything I eat. Graduation and San Diego are so close! It is time to kick my behind into high gear and achieve my goals.

And speaking of goals, I made the time to achieve a workout goal that I have had for a month or so. On Saturday I ran to our local gym, did a ST workout and then ran home from the gym. All told it was 6 plus miles of running and a ST workout! I felt pretty accomplished when I finished that! I plan to do it again soon!

Unfortunately, I am fighting a cold this week. I am planning to still get in some slower workouts until I feel better. I SO hate being sick! It is for the birds! I am also going to watch my food intake carefully. Although I will admit that last night I was craving, like it hurts I am craving it so much, a 2nd glass of milk with Carnation instant chocolate breakfast shake. I usually don't even have one because they are high in calories and sugar, but I figured that maybe my body needed the calcium and the vitamins so I went ahead and drank a 2nd one. And after a good night of sleep, the scale was down a little. Go figure!

I love my new jeans and sweatshirt!

Both hubby and daughter had great attendance at their workshops

We had a great time at Circus Du Soleil!

Chill'n with the the "kids"

Easter cooking for family and friends.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, super busy!!! It's turning out to be a busy year for a lot of the spark friends I've made, myself included. Hope you're having a great month so far. Those cupcakes look uh-mazing! :D That's absolutely horrifying though to read about your boss and what you had to handle in the aftermath of his medical emergency! Hope he's doing better now.
    1472 days ago
  • LYNSEY723
    Busy lady!!! You are doing an awesome job staying on track despite the recent craziness! Keep up the great work!
    1473 days ago
    Wow! You are amazing! I can't imagine keeping up with your busy schedule and burning all those fitness minutes emoticon
    emoticon on achieving your running & strength training fitness goal.
    1489 days ago
    Amazing! I couldn't keep up with you!
    1492 days ago
    You are amazing! I should be taking time management lessons from you!! Way to stay on track with all the stress and craziness happening this past month. Very inspiring!
    1493 days ago
    Wow! Get it, lady!
    Sounds like you've stepped up to the plate on all accounts. Glad to hear the family time was lovely. Feel better and keep that positivity!
    1493 days ago
    Wow! What a crazy busy time for you! Congrats on stepping up to take over at work and yet still managing to get some fitness and family time in! 1600+ minutes is nothing to sneeze at emoticon


    1493 days ago
    Yeah!!! Check you out! You are doing fabulous! You've gotten so much accomplished successfully and stayed on track with fitness. You are amazing! I hope you feel better soon. I hate being sick, too. Boy, do I hate being sick.
    1494 days ago
    Seems like you've already kicked yourself into gear. Wow!
    1494 days ago
    With all of that you STILL got exercise in??? LOL! You are amazing and you need to pat yourself on the back for a job well done! So you didn't post, had a non-normal work situation come up so that makes 100% sense. And you know STILL killed it w/ exercising and keeping yourself busy. A blog post is the least of your worries. :-) Keep up your great work!! Go you!! emoticon
    1494 days ago
    Way to go on your positive attitude and pushing through difficult and stressful time at work. (My sister is in the same field as you and I see how tired she gets year after year - and Easter is not realy a break...)

    Love the food pic and your new outfit!

    emoticon ... 6M run and ST... Rest to fight the cold and spring back to working ... listen to your body and give it a little push! emoticon
    1494 days ago
    Wow, you sure have been busy!! Even with all that going on you found time to exercise. You rock!! emoticon emoticon
    1494 days ago
    Oh my goodness, crazy is right! Sounds like you took an unfortunate situation and turned it into a great success! Is your boss on the mend now? Hopefully you'll have a little relief soon. You're awesome that you kept up your fitness minutes through all that. Thanks for the update and I love the pics!
    1494 days ago
    Love the pics! You look great! You are killing it at the gym! That is a lot of fitness minutes! Especially with how busy you have been. I don't know how you do it! emoticon
    1494 days ago
    WOW! What an incredibly busy life it's been for you. I'm so proud of that you've still managed to get some fitness minutes in. =) Your family is beautiful... and that pic of you and your pups reminded me of the cupcake dog:
    1494 days ago
    Holy Moly! Busy busy busy! So glad to hear you are staying on track! It is always hard when you haved added stress! And look at how beautiful you AND you family are! Kudos to you for figuring out how to still have some fun family time and keep up at your job!

    Way to go on meeting your goal of running to the gym to work! You are amazing, never forget that!!!

    YOU ROCK!!!
    1494 days ago
    Wow - you were busy! I hope your boss is ok. Enjoy your new bedroom color - it sounds really nice.
    1495 days ago
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