Cautiously optimistic

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's always a good thing when you decide to get your act together diet and exercise wise and get a plan together. It's even a better thing when you drop three pounds on day two of your renewed focus. Think I can do that again tomorrow? Haha...I wish!

I'm cautiously optimistic because I've made this renewed commitment several times in the past couple of years, only to fall flat and backslide several weeks or months into the plan. I think I'm really ready to change my life this time...but I thought that last time too. One thing I know - it IS time. I can't keep going like I have been. Two days ago I was at my highest weight in FOREVER. Literally - forever. I get tired just taking a walk. I mean, damn - I completed a marathon just a little over a year ago! That's called letting yourself go!

In addition to diet & exercise, I'm working on reducing the 'stuff' in my house as well. I hope I'm not trying to change too many things at once. I'm trying to focus on small changes in every area so I don't flame out. On the reducing stuff front, I'm calling success if I get rid of even one thing in a day. If I do a bag or box, all the better, but one thing is success.

On the diet front, I'm just focusing on trying to eat in calorie range, bring my lunch from home, cooking real food more, and less eating out. All of the above listed work in concert with each other, so again, hopefully not too much too soon. For exercise, my goal is to use the work gym twice a week (mostly strength training which has been non-existent), play softball once, bowl once, bike when I have a chance & the weather suits, and get some movement in in most other days. For me this feels like a pitiful effort, but again, I don't want to bite off more than I can chew.

I realize today is only day two, but so far the plan feels good. I've taken my lunch both days this week, ate out last night but studied the nutrition and made a great selection, hit the gym and played softball yesterday, decluttered for 45 minutes today, and I'm getting ready to eat a nice home cooked slow cooker meal. No exercise beyond walking to & from the parking garage & walking to a seminar today, but that's ok. Again, I don't need to overwhelm myself.

Send me a positive vibe or two and/or drop me a comment. I know ya'll can keep me going, and I've got a long way to go!
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