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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Yep, back again..... maybe for good this time.....

Quick update since the last time:
I was trying to get pregnant using a donor. I had an early miscarriage in January and that was it. I was planning on just moving onto IVF but I really didn't feel comfortable getting pregnant at my current weight. I also didn't feel comfortable spending $20,000 on something that might not work. I decided instead to switch to adoption.

Adoption is a much better plan for me. It will take a while (possibly 4+ years) but it will be better for me and my future child. I made an agreement with my mom that for every pound I lose she will give me $1 for BabiesRUs. So far I have earned $0..... which is why I'm back here. I really need to get my act together for good this time. No more yo-yoing, no more excuses. I'm really afraid that I might have a heart attack or something serious happen to me because of my weight. I can't stand the thought of dying young or leaving my child behind because I was too lazy to make changes. I keep saying "tomorrow, tomorrow" when I need to change today. Even if it's just one small thing at a time.

Here are the changes I've made since restarting my journey two weeks ago:
Week 1: Fitness every day, even if it's just a quick fire challenge or short video
Week 2: No cheese, lower sodium, more water

So far I'm doing good. The weather is starting to get better so I was able to do a short walk today. I'm really excited for summer because I'm going to be in the city and I can walk every day. Of course I will have more food temptations but I will also have fresh fruits and vegetables available. I'm thinking of trying the Spark Solution during summer and seeing how that goes, or at least getting my food to be at a good place.

I am currently running an adoption fundraiser. For $5 you can sponsor a puzzle piece. For more information or to donate visit

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