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Vision of my future

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I think everyone struggles at one time or another. Negative Nellie gets very loud in my head sometimes and if I am in a good place, I can tune her out but let me be under just a little stress or be a little tired and she becomes quite pushy, takes over and I end up binging or not exercising. This can last hours, days, months or years, depending on where my head is and whether or not I can see my future (goals).

I have been strong in the past, lost a lot of weight a few times, and have put it back on. I have always had the high blood pressure and high cholesterol but now the kidneys and diabetes thing has cropped up. I knew it could if I did not take care of me. I foolishly ignored my own fears and continued doing everything in my life the easier softer way. I ate out too much ( too much fat & salt), I sat around too much (surprised I did not get a clot), I chose to blame everything in my environment but me ( insert excuse here). I ignored the situation until my legs swelled up and I could not breathe (think congestive heart failure).

I am 52 and am way too young for this kind of crap. I have not worked this hard for this long to retire and die. I want to travel and see the states. I want to hike, swim, and if I can conquer my fear, zipline. I never made any plans or goals. I just let life do what it would or could given my health and size. Well, let me tell you, my head is in the game. I am an active player now. I am taking that bull (poor health habits) by the horns and I am flipping him upside down. I am in charge.

I still have days or hours where lazy tries to sneak in and on those days I have a plan. I look at my vision board. I say my mantras or positive quotes. I look in the mirror in my eyes and ask what is my reality right now ? What will I do right now ? Do I want to be in that bad pace again where I can not breathe, I can not walk, I can not tie my shoes, I may have to have 6 people to lift me into the ambulance ? It is cold and hard but that is what I need.

My mantra's change but right now, these are some I use. It brings me focus on those days I feel blah, do not want to exercise, am craving sweets, feel bad about my body, etc.






I MOVE TO STAY HEALTHY ! (which saves me money in pills and Dr. visits).


I SEE MYSELF HEALTHY FIT & FLEXIBLE ! This one helps when I am being negative about a particular body part.

MY BODY NATURALLY SHEDS UNNEEDED FAT ! Love this one, that means I do not have to work, right ? WRONG !


Live in the moment. Be kind to yourself. You only have one body. It is your house. Keep it clean with healthy food. Move it to clean it and get rid of toxins. Remember food is fuel and we are becoming like the hybrid cars and require much less fuel to be more efficient. I do not want to struggle with my health for the rest of my life. I want to be excited in every moment my God and angels bring me. So, for now, this is helping and I will continue to educate myself and try new things. Keep sparking friends.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • ESHARA43
    How can I say this but here it goes, Wow, Awesome and it is truly motivating, You have a great perspective on life. Your Blog is really and truly full of Determination and I will read more from you. Thank You so much for sharing your wonderful Blog with all of us
    1451 days ago
    What a GREAT a blog!!! Thanks for mantras, you're such a positive person and such a great motivator. Keep working for the prize....A healthy lifestyle!!!!
    1466 days ago
    Right on my friend! YOU are an inspiration and you are ROCKING this journey!
    1491 days ago
    Yes. Weight loss is a mind game as much as a food/fitness game. You are on the right path! Keep pushing!
    1491 days ago
  • TROOPER1961
    I am so proud of you 2!! Keep up your focus,, you are doing awesome!! emoticon
    1492 days ago
    I so get this blog. You and I have a lot of the same thoughts. We can do this we are worth it. Never give up.
    1493 days ago
  • JCARR75163
    Daughter - What a terrific blog!! When you lost all that weight years ago I was so proud because you became so pretty on the outside (always were beautiful on the inside). But most of all I was relieved that you were getting healthy and active, giving me hope that you wouldn't end up with the health problems I have. When you regained the weight I worried constantly about your health and inability to be active comfortably. You have always been very generous and I am proud you have given away over 50% of your former weight. (I'm sure there are many people who actually could use some of that weight!) You have been such an inspiration to me. Thanks to you, I have lost 40 lbs., have brought down my cholesterol & BP and am able to walk more than 10 ft. without getting out of breath. You have a great attitude toward living a healthy life and judging by the other comments it is infectious! I hope there is no cure for it :) Love you, Mom
    1494 days ago
    Great blog TC You are doing so good keep the positive thoughts going and stay strong you can do this , we all can just one meal one day at a time. And enjoy the life God has given us to the fullest. Thank you for the great Blog & sharing your thoughts with us emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1494 days ago

    really good blog. it can be discouraging to lose weight just to have it come back but it sounds as if you've had a big reality check in your life. sometimes that's what it takes to get going & not look back.

    it helps that you have goals and a plan for those moments of weakness.

    keep going!!

    Marie (Legendary Lemon & Determined Daisy)
    1494 days ago
    emoticon and emoticon
    1494 days ago
    I liked your Blog! You are fierce, you are strong, and you are one of my most favorite sparklers! Thank you so much for this blog. I have my target back in sight. Because you kicked my bottom into gear last night, I have almost 5 miles in already today. You ROCK!
    1494 days ago
    TC, I hope this gets enough "Likes" that it makes a Blog of the Day post.

    Very, very, very good, my friend.

    Zipline - they do have some in Branson..... emoticon I will ask my students which one has the most training of the attendants....
    1494 days ago
  • RX_2_RV
    Thanks TC. I needed to hear all the things you said just now. Isn't it funny how the guidance shows up, when you need it, if you are paying attention.

    I can feel the fire and determination in your words. It is practically jumping out of the page! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm, your struggles, and your determination to do whatever it takes to have the life you want. You are right. It IS your choice. It IS my choice. We have the power...we make the life we choose through a combination of our actions and our inactions.


    1495 days ago
    What a wonderful blog TC. I can so relate
    1495 days ago
    TC - thank you so much for this blog! I feel like you were writing it for me. I see myself in all you say. BUT, I am also tired of being obese and unhealthy. You give me hope that I can also change my destiny! I will take it one day, one meal at a time and enjoy the journey along the way to my final destination.
    1495 days ago
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