Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I was surprised how important it was to keep up our instruction on our faith Go from milk to meat from child to adult Mow so many take people to first step and leave them there We are to teach for them to grow in love compassion faith and deep routes for the long run We travel on a hard road Not just heal give me all I want The me me Of the warld .I was surprised there were false teachers even then Added pagan ways I remember reading in the old Testament that pagans got in the temple of God and were teaching there way not Moses Even lost his ward Was found a long time later and and went back for a while Are we doing part of the same thing I would say yes in some Churches Those often call others down No love compassion and hate How we can lie to our self to find reasons why not to care give or help I heard on my reader bible that the apostles said we Christians are to follow him and his ways Leave those that do not to God
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