Same Saturday

Saturday, April 19, 2014

My weigh in was the same weight as last week. I'm okay with it because all my 'work out' activities were 'other' rather than me busting it at the gym and food has been a straight challenge all week. My weird level of doing so many things and just running running running. But, another temp agency interview done, yay. Still sore from bowling and then today I spent several hours sweating, pushing around the office. I moved EVERYTHING except the giant bookcase, even doing things like defrosting the mini fridge and blowing dust out of the hubby's computer tower. THREE TIMES. You'd think dust bunnies were breeding in there O_o Five fans are going to do little choking on that amount of dust!
Pretty tired now, after the first part of the day being meetings for the writer's conference and subsequent chapter meeting. That can be mentally painful. I worry that by the time I'm 40 or so, I'm going to be DONE with non-profits forever. I don't think I've ever seen a happy, functional one, ever. Tomorrow is Easter brunch with Mom and hubby, and a Junior League meeting in the afternoon. Hopefully I'll finally recover from bowling tomorrow!
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