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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Life would be boring without drama...RIGHT?

The animals are all on the mend. The dogs are back to their playful selves, and snorting all over my windows again....the cat is doing much better, eating like a lion and not crying when you pet her. I think she might need a shrink - but she can figure it out on her own.

However - my drama continues. This time with neighbors. We live in a newer development in town. There will be 15 homes total. Right now 11 are lived in. One is under construction. We don't know when the other 3 will be built.

Our new neighbors - directly next to us (lot had previously been empty), moved in on January 1st. Happened to be a snow storm. The boys got their dirt bike out and were riding around. The lot line in between the two houses is funny, and the boys crossed it by about 2 feet, and the new guy saw fit to get all his winter woolies on and walk across the circle to our driveway to yell at our kids. He didn't have the spine to knock on our door to address the parents - he yelled at kids. (OK - so you are a jerk...we'll deal) That is how we operated all Winter.

You pass these people on the street, and they DO NOT WAVE!!!!

The weather gets nice, so the boys are walking our dogs in the woods behind our house. The property line is a rock wall and we were on their side (totally didn't think about it - there is a path that has been there since I was a little girl...they were just walking on it. My husband was in the front yard doing lawn stuff... the guy comes out of his house and starts yelling at the kids, dropping Fbombs all over the place. The kids go and tell hubby, so my hubby walks to the fence they have in, and asks if there is a problem. He says "Yeah, stay off my Fing property." Hubby apologizes, said the kids most likely didn't realize, they are kids. He continues on about how the builder that he bought the house from promised privacy and no issues....hubby was like - really sorry - I will talk to kids and started to walk away. He stopped and turned around and said "By the way if you ever talk to my kids like that again, I will have a fing problem with you." Hubby does not swear. That is my YEAH HUBBY. Way to stick up for the kids. (this was two weeks ago).

I don't think I mentioned that they have 2 dogs, who whenever we are outside, stand at their fence staring our way and bark and bark and bark and bark....and we have done NOTHING. Haven't tried to talk to new neighbors - no call to animal control. It is annoying....but they are dogs - we are humans....we deal.

There is another path - on our friends property that we can walk up and down with the dogs. The dogs love the woods over the pavement - so we use that when it is nice - I have taken every opportunity to walk the dogs on that path - every time these people let their dogs out and they bark. Not sure if they think that I will be scared. I am not afraid...I just keep walking. Sometimes we stop and watch the dogs bark at us. My dogs actually whine - they want to go play....but that won't happen.

Yesterday, Hubby and boys out in front playing baseball. A ball rolled over the "line" onto their lawn. Hubby retrieved. As he was retrieving the wife ran to the fence and said "What the F are you doing?" She caught hubby off guard, so he said "Excuse me?" She said "Get off my fing property." Hubby just looked at her and said "Nice way to talk around children" grabbed the ball and went back to playing.

Today was the straw that broke the camels back.....out walking on path, and about 5 minutes later, cops come into the neighborhood.......THEY CALLED THE POLICE. Officer goes and talks to the people. Then comes and talks with us. You knew the officer wanted to say "I can't believe I am here." But he didn't. He said he didn't have a problem with anything we were doing, and based on what we were saying he felt that we were trying to be respectful of the new people. He said every neighborhood has "one" and you got lucky. He didn't even ask to speak to the kids - based on what we were saying he felt as if they were being unreasonable.

Our other neighbor on the other side was outside when it happened so we filled him in. He is now planning a huge party for the whole neighborhood - so we can annoy them more.....Let the fun begin.
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    Bad neighbors suck, big time.
    I say leave them be and kill them with kindness... don't stoop to their level, they win if they can bring out the ugly in you.

    2501 days ago
    2503 days ago
    2503 days ago
    Oh *hugs* I am so sorry. We have a pair of horrible neighbors too and everything is just so hard with them...and nothing changes because their personalities are so nasty. I'm so sorry that you do have *one* right across from them. At least rest in the knowledge that they are ruining their own lives by worrying about your kids crossing the line by a foot or two!
    2504 days ago
  • TREE57
    I'm speechless!

    Why did they move into a neighborhood? UGH!!!!'

    One idea- Maybe organize a welcoming committee and everyone take turns on different days and different times going to their house and "be nice" and welcome them since it was such a hard winter(hint hint) and people are just now coming out of to speak.

    Who knows their issues, but this way everyone has gone the extra mile..and could possibly soften these crusty ones! They might believe they've moved into the nicest neighborhood and start acting better themselves!

    Just a thought!!!!!

    Catch a fly scenario.....smear that honey on thick!

    My other idea.....can't be written on SP. (Wink)

    2504 days ago
    That's awful! Even though you are in different houses you are still living together in the sense that you are close enough you should be respectful to each other. If they didn't want neighbors, why did they move into a NEIGHBORHOOD? They need to be in the country.
    We have new neighbors moving in across the street. Yesterday, Seth had Boom out in the yard & out of nowhere a Great Dane come bounding & running around. You know Boomer - he fREAks. I wasn't mad. I helped the guy catch his dog & we got to know each other a little. I told him they picked a great place to live & I hope they liked it here. We've never had any problems with the people on our end of the street or the people behind us. We was very friendly & I'm sure he appreciated the warm welcome.
    Sorry you didn't have the same experience. Ug.
    Ok, this would be hard....I don't think I could do it but - take them a peace offering gift (likes cookies or something) & apologize for upsetting them. They'd probably throw the treats in your face but hopefully they'd show a little more kindness.
    2504 days ago
    Ohhh Jeez... Those people sound like jerks. You could maybe blow their mind by going over to have a conversation about neighborly behavior. They would probably just cuss you out. Best wishes for dealing with them!! emoticon
    2504 days ago
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