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I was in tears!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

On Wednesday, I went into the podiatrist to get my foot examined as my heel has been really bugging me. I mean, it hurt from sunup to sundown. And it really hurt depending on the shoes I wore. Needless to say, I was SURE I had a tumor or cyst, and was going to need surgery. I am one of those people that plans for the worst! LOL! If I plan for the worst case scenario, it can't really get worse than that...it can only get better.

So, after examination and x-rays, it was determined that not only do I have a bone spur on my heel, but I also have plantar faciitis. The joy! This led to treatment discussion which included taking high-powered Aleve twice a day for 30 days, lots of stretching, the purchase of new insoles, and a shot in the foot!

I chuckle and ask, "How bad is that going to hurt? I heard it hurts pretty bad..." He doesn't really respond right away...then says "Well....(now that is never a good sign!)...it doesn't probably hurt as bad as you have heard..." Oh boy, doc, that's a relief! I said, "okay, let's do it..."

He explains that he is going to spray some stuff on my heel to numb it a little so the needle doesn't hurt...yep, it was sure cold, but I still felt the bite of that needle! I jumped it hurt like a son of a gun...after that, it was somewhat of a breeze. The medicine hurt, but nothing like that first initial pinch. And he sent me on my merry way...failing to tell me putting pressure on that side right after might cause me to fall! Holy numbness....I must have looked comical trying to put my snow boots on (since it had snowed that morning).

So, I'm feeling pretty great. I walk out and jokingly say to the nurse...this means I need new shoes now right?? LOL! And then a quick, "so, I suppose this means no workout today..." I think I caught her off guard as she lectured me to take it "easy"...I laughed and said, "what??? no jogging on my treadmill when I get home??" LOL... So, I attempted to take it easy as best as I could beings we had more appointments that day. What they forget to tell you, after that "numbness" wears off, your foot hurts like no other right where the injection site was! I was very crabby by the time my day was over!

Which leads me to my "next" day and the point of my "I was in tears" story! Thursday morning I was pleasantly surprised that the shot was working. No pain when waking up. So, I quickly stretched a little before getting out of bed, and got ready for the day. Wow, no pain throughout the day. So, I preceded to come home and REALLY test that old heel of mine. Nothing like having that feeling that you will never jog again because you have bone spurs and plantar faciitis. I usually can jog a mile with relatively little to no pain...I can reach 2 miles and my foot will be aching...it's throbbing by the time I stretch and "relax" again. So, after reaching 1 1/2 miles, I was expecting to feel that pain. And I didn't it..you see, I had this goal of jogging 3 miles on my treadmill without stopping. I haven't jogged 3 miles in over 10 years, and that was when I was a runner and trained every day for it.

So, I continued on and reached 2 miles. However, that last mile..it was tough! It seemed to drag on and on. I upped the speed a little to give me a bigger challenge and I finally finished! I jogged 3 miles in UNDER 40 MINUTES! Cue on the tears! I am trying to catch my breath and I am crying. So many mixed emotions - exhaustion, completion, pride, happiness, relief - I couldn't help but feel awesome. I did it. I just jogged 3 miles! I just jogged 3 miles in under 40 minutes. I remember when it took me almost 20 minutes to walk a mile, and now I am jogging. And I am loving it...that free feeling of jogging... I am learning to love running slowly each day. Running itself brings back very painful emotions, but I have been able to work through them and find a real love for jogging.

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