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Goodbye, alcohol...

Saturday, April 19, 2014

I love a good drink.

I realize that statement probably "sounds bad," but I don't care. It is what it is, and I know exactly what I mean by it. I love a good drink like some people enjoy a nice bowl of ice cream, or a donut with their coffee, etc. I enjoy wine, beer, cocktails. I'm not an "I'll drink anything" kind of person, though. I love pairing alcoholic drinks with certain foods, special occasions, etc. I especially enjoy making cocktails that compliment holidays (one of my favorites is a "candy cane cocktail" that we have at Christmas time, or my homemade "pumpkin pie heaven in a glass" that I make at Thanksgiving.) I don't drink every day, I don't drink to excess, I don't drink to "get a buzz" going. I just like the flavors, and the spirit surrounding whatever event... It's just like enjoying eating particular foods at particular times. I love hot chili on a cold, rainy day. I love grilled "picnic" food on a warm summer afternoon. I like a big bowl of pasta and warm bread when company comes over. It just makes me feel good.

Since I started back on South Beach Diet back in March, I have obviously been much more selective with what I eat and drink. I've had a little alcohol over the past few weeks, since being on Phase 1.5. One thing I've noticed, EVERY SINGLE TIME I have some alcohol, is how blah I end up feeling. I'll have one drink, and that night I don't sleep well at all. I will be tired all the next day, and my motivation for exercise is considerably lower...well, it's not just's essentially gone. I just get a case of the I-Don't-Wannas....bad. You know how certain foods are "trigger foods?" And how you can completely derail your diet by giving in to that trigger food? You have a few bites of ____ and before you know it, you're diving head-first into all kinds of other bad food choices? I've noticed that alcohol does the same thing, but it derails my exercise. It saps me of my energy...and I mean COMPLETELY. Alcohol doesn't seem to impact my diet at all, but it sure takes my desire to exercise and be more active and throws it right out the window.

Thursday evening, I drove to GA to pick up Daughter from Spring Break. Friday morning, we were on the road, headed back home. In less than 24 hours, I drove hundreds of miles, and had to go through Atlanta twice. Although traffic was ok, it's still a long drive and I HATE driving through Atlanta. We got home around 2pm yesterday, and I had a couple beers. Later in the evening, I had two glasses of wine. Now I feel like crap! Not in a hungover kind of way, but I got an awful night's sleep and today I just feel all BLAH. I'm tired, my head hurts a little, I just don't feel right. Maybe I am a little hungover, who knows. All I know is this sucks, and I realize what must be done...

So...I said all that to say this: I now realize that I must *sniff* say goodbye to alcohol. Not forever. Realistically, I know I will never go the rest of my life and not have any alcohol ever again. That's just not going to happen. Ok, who really knows...maybe there will come a point when I truly don't ever want it again, and never drink a drop again, but I just don't see that happening. But for now, here's the situation: since I know it is keeping me from reaching my goals, it's got to go. It has officially gotten in my way, and is hindering my progress, so it's getting tossed to the curb. Since starting SBD in March, I chose to completely give up potato chips, bread, and pasta, because those are such strong "trigger foods." Potato chips, bread and pasta derail my diet, and alcohol derails my exercise plan. Not to MENTION that they all are keeping me where I am! I deserve BETTER than to put that sh!t into my body! I'm not looking at this as a punishment. I'm denying myself these items, not because I hate my body, BUT BECAUSE I LOVE IT and because I want to SUCCEED. If it isn't getting me to my goal, it's gotta go!

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Screw those foods/drinks. Goodbye. I'll never miss them. Ok, maybe I will, but my body will be grateful they are gone.

Huh, wouldn't you know...I'm starting to feel like a badass again.

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