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Ideas needed: What works for you?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

When time is too scarce to cook and the refrigerator looks like the land of expired food, and days off are not close, what kind of food does should one buy to get by?

I need my food easy, my dishes paper or plastic -- at least in the immediate when time and energy to cook and do dishes is in low supply.

I've eaten too much sodium lately, so I should steer clear of eating too much sodium this week.

Maybe I should buy some pre-chopped watermelon to start, but that's hardly a meal, and certainly not something to subsist on for a whole week.

Any low sodium ideas to make vegetables taste better? I always want to add salt and something like cheese or butter, but I need to start considering some alternatives.

What works for you? I'd love to know.

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    Fresh cut fruit and veggies and Greek yogurt, a must have in my fridge. Blessings and emoticon
    1497 days ago
  • GRETA242
    I use steamer bags of veggies. If you like butter, get some butter buds or butter spray for your veggies. I usually take a bag of veggies to work with me. I buy prepackaged fish such as tilapia or cod for taking to work and throwing in the microwave. Cod tastes a lot better than tilapia. I keep apples on hand, lots of yogurt (eat out of the cup :) or freeze for frozen yogurt treat). Raw green beans, sugar snap peas...think about the kinds of veggies you like and stock a few days worth along with fruits. Most veggies can be eaten raw or cooked/steamed in the microwave.

    I too eat off paper plates and plasticware. Hate doing the dishes. I have a Sharper image cooker--kind of like the nu-wave oven. Which I cook a lot of proteins in, which turns out great. I rarely wash it. The bowl and rack can be wiped out with several paper towels.
    1497 days ago
  • JPL2014
    I always have egg beaters, frozen vegs, tuna, bagged lettuce. I either make a quick omelette or a salad topped with tuna.
    1498 days ago
    I like to stay away from pre-prepared stuff in cans and boxes. I make a big batch of soup with lots of veggies over the weekend and then it's just a quick nuke & I'm all set during the week. Sometimes I make soups that are just fine cold too...think, re: Gazpacho.

    When I make my own soup I'm in control of the ingredients and salt is never part of the picture...yum! :-)

    1498 days ago
    I buy frozen fruit for my oats in the morning. I have blueberries, sweet cherries, strawberries, mangoes. This way I have a different breakfast every morning. I have basic 1/4 cup of oats , cinnamon, milk and some fruit. Put in microwave for 2 mins.
    An easy way to cook an egg....beat egg in cereal bowl, add some left over veggies, some slivers of cheese. Mix together. Cover with Saran Wrap with holes in the wrap. Microwave for 1 minute. Have with a piece of whole wheat toast. Easy quick lunch or dinner! Good luck.
    1498 days ago
    Most, if not all of these are salt free and tasty. You can find the more common ones in most supermarkets. A little butter is not a bad thing. Just don't go crazy with it.

    Seasoning Blends
    Mrs. Dash® Caribbean Citrus Seasoning Blend
    Mrs. Dash® Chicken Grilling Blend
    Mrs. Dash® Extra Spicy Seasoning Blend
    Mrs. Dash® Fiesta Lime Seasoning Blend
    Mrs. Dash® Garlic & Herb Seasoning Blend
    Mrs. Dash® Hamburger Grilling Blend
    Mrs. Dash® Italian Medley Seasoning Blend
    Mrs. Dash® Lemon Pepper Seasoning Blend
    Mrs. Dash® Onion & Herb Seasoning Blend
    Mrs. Dash® Original Blend
    Mrs. Dash® Southwest Chipotle Seasoning Blend
    Mrs. Dash® Steak Grilling Blend
    Mrs. Dash® Table Blend
    Mrs. Dash® Tomato Basil Garlic Seasoning Blend

    1498 days ago
    One thing that really helps me is to prepare food on Sunday or another day of the week that you have more time. I just bought a couple of papayas, cantaloupe, strawberries and blackberries and cut them up and put in the frig to nibble on whenever I feel hungry. Make turkey meatballs or meatloaf and put in individual containers for the week. My husband takes prepackaged baby carrots for his lunches and dips in Ranch light dressing. Also, we always have individual containers of Greek yogurt that you can grab and go. Make steel cut oats in the crockpot on Sunday and you will have enough for the week for breakfast. Another quickie for me is having Amy's burritos handy and a large bag of lettuce. I put microwave the burrito and put 2-3 cups of lettuce and slice a tomato on top. These are some ideas. It helps to get ideas ... I tend to get so repetitive and then I get bored.

    1498 days ago
  • MAY1787
    Honestly? I stop by Subway and get a sandwich filled with veg or I get one of their salads. Its easy and quick and I don't have to chop a thing. Some grocery stores also have pre-made salads and fruit beyond watermelon that is easy to pick up. You could just buy a bag of apples, a loaf of bread, and whatever filling you enjoy and eat that for a few days. It will get monotonous but it does the job.
    1498 days ago
    Cook your vegetables in the oven with lots of spices like garlic, pepper, chili and such. It'll taste of more and you'll be free to do other things will it cooks.
    1498 days ago
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