Well life just sucks this weekend.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Life has me very frustrated right now. This will probably be a long blog and not weight loss related, but I need somewhere to vent and release all of this and I find this to be a "safe" place where I won't have to worry about hurting feelings or pc'ing what I want to say.

I hate my job. No, that's not true, I love my job and what I do, I hate the people I work with and the company. When employees do things that should be handled by management (and in a lot of cases result in termination) and NOTHING is done about it, I get so pissed off. I end up doing the majority of the work because no one else does it and if I don't do it and someone shows up after my shift then it's MY fault it hasn't been done, but it's ALWAYS left to me. There was ONE employee who actually did their job right, handled things properly and she was transferred BECAUSE she did the right things and the rest of the employees were causing issues for her. So instead of getting rid of the trouble makers and resolve the issues, they just moved her. This is just bullsh*t. Luckily I work alone the majority of the time, but I'll be with other staff this weekend so I'm really kind of dreading it. Ok, not kind of..I AM dreading it. I'm going to do my best to just stay away from everyone else as much as possible. I don't have the time or energy to deal with this immature, high school crap.

And on to the next bitch session....we're in the process of planning a huge event for an organization I'm a part of and who do you think is doing the majority of the work? *raises hand* I'm not trying to be a martyr and I don't mind putting in the work, but when the process of this event started I said I don't have the time or energy to be involved like I was last year (last year I handled vendors alone and was supposed to have all this help...yeah right.) So I made it clear I will HELP but don't want to be responsible for anything specific. Well, I'm a sucker and a glutton for punishment. I basically saw that time was running out and NOTHING was getting done....nothing posted about vendors or entertainment or advertising, no phone calls or emails sent, nothing. So I very nicely offered to start contacting people. Long story short I ended being in charge of vendors completely (contacting over 300 of them) AND was also in charge of entertainment and education this year as well. Seriously? Again because NO ONE ELSE WAS DOING ANYTHING! And I knew if I didn't do it, it wouldn't get done and our event would be a joke. Well, as time goes on and I've been working my ass off for all of this, suddenly everyone has an opinion on one thing or another when it comes to these things. I've been working on it all for 2 months, the event is in 2 weeks and suddenly everyone has an opinion on it and wants to change details, rules, deadlines and then puts me in difficult situations. Does anyone listen to what I think? Of course not. Does it matter that I handled it alone last year and have been handling it alone for this year? Nope...doesn't matter what Mindy thinks...So, I've concluded that I'm done. I will finish what I started with this event, but I WILL NOT be involved at all next year or any future events.

Which leads me to Easter. My grandfather had to be moved to an assisted living place a few weeks ago. Which means we have to sell his house. Which means this will be the last holiday at "Nanny and Poppop's" (she's also in a nursing home.) That would be painful enough, but also have learned that my niece (who is the apple of all of our eyes since she's the only grandchild since I haven't been able to get pregnant after 10+ years of trying....oh more and more pain thrown into my lap.) Anyway, my niece has to go to her a$$hole father's house by NOON on Sunday (note-he doesn't even celebrate Easter, he's just a d*ck about stuff.) Well, I work until 1pm. Fabulous...I won't even see her on Easter and the last holiday there. I'm heart broken and find myself just pulling inward and trying to block out the holiday completely.

This is probably going to be a really sucky weekend...I wish it was just over already.

And, seriously, sparkpeople??? You wouldn't let me post it without taking out the swear words? Bite me.
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