10 pounds down, 20 to go!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hello folks.

I have lost 10 pounds in the last eight weeks. I am very happy about this. How'd I do it? Simple, I ate good food, not too much and exercised like a fiend. Almost every day.

I am motivated by three upcoming weddings in the family, the first one on August 30th in western Massachusetts. The second one is in Tucson Sept 20th and the third, my son's, is next April. I am going to look fabulous at these weddings. I will not be the "fat one". That will be my sister. ;-)

I have 19 weeks until the first wedding. I want to lose 20 more pounds. We all know it gets harder to lose as you get lighter (you do know that, right??) so this will be a challenge. I will be happy with 15 but will do my damnedest to get that 20.

Saying NO to this (that's not me, sillies, but it makes the point)-

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