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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

School was fun today. We took a field trip out to my co-worker's house. Her family lives on a hundred-acre farm that they've owned for a couple hundred years. It's gorgeous out there. I love living in the country. It's just the prettiest place in the world, in my opinion. Anyway, we had a picnic and then an Easter egg hunt. The kids played a whole bunch of yard games (tag, hide-and-seek, and duck-duck-goose). Then they had a snack, played some more, and each kid got an Easter bucket full of goodies. They also got to keep all the eggs they found. When we got back to school, they had another snack, and we went downstairs to play outside our friend's classroom (they have a GREAT outside play area, and we have to share ours with our grumpy, inconsistent neighbors, so we like to go downstairs and play instead). The kids had SO MUCH FUN today. It does my heart good to see them so happy.

After work, I got some gas and stopped by Walmart (GEEZ, I hate that store.) I bought my niece a couple birthday presents for her party this weekend, and stocked up on all kinds of goodies for Daughter's Easter basket. When I got home, I got her basket and the eggs out of the attic. Then I loaded up her Easter basket with everything I bought, and put candies in all of the eggs that I'll use for hiding. Her basket is so pretty! I can't wait for her to see it.

Regarding Easter candy... I absolutely LOVE Easter candy. And Halloween candy. But I think Easter candy is my favorite. Anyway, I have been thinking about these stupid Reese's peanut butter eggs that I love so much. Then I thought about Cadbury creme eggs. I thought that I would allow myself one piece of Easter candy. I have been truly agonizing about which one I will have...for about three weeks now. Today, I bought some Cadbury eggs, and also got a bag of assorted wrapped chocolate candies (mainly to put into the eggs, but the rest went into a candy dish). THERE WERE LITTLE TINY PEANUT BUTTER EGGS IN THAT BAG OF ASSORTED CANDY. I decided that I would have one Cadbury creme egg and one of those little peanut butter eggs for Easter.

I cannot wait to eat this candy! I am way too excited about it.

My back feels almost completely normal, and my knees felt pretty much normal today as well. All day, I kept thinking that I was probably ready for a harder exercise, but wasn't sure what to do. When I got home and finished putting all the Easter stuff together, I realized I really wanted to go on a date with Husband. We hardly ever go on dates. Anyway, I was really torn about whether or not to go. I really wanted to, but I get so scared about eating out when I'm dieting. After about an hour, I finally decided that I was going to do the best workout I could do for TODAY, and then I'd go out to dinner with Husband and just make good choices.

I did the Power 90 Sculpt and the Power 90 100-abs. It was about 30 minutes, total. Then I showered, fixed my hair and makeup, and put on a dress. Husband and I ended up going to this new(ish) Mexican restaurant just down the street from our house. I went there a couple of months ago with some of my co-workers and it was great. After a few minutes of wondering whether or not I "should," I decided I really wanted a margarita. We go on about two dates per year, and gosh-darn-it...I wanted a margarita. This is the kind of thing I'm talking about when I say "save something like that for a special occasion." They were delicious, and came in these pretty cactus-stemmed glasses. I'm so glad I ordered it!

So I looked at the menu for a long time and ended up ordering "pollo a la casa" which was grilled chicken with mushrooms and shrimp, some black beans, and steamed vegetables. I asked that it be cooked with no butter or oil. A guy came out at one point and asked if I wanted cheese, and I said just a little bit. My dinner was PERFECT. It was exactly the way I ordered it. When she brought my dinner out, I asked for a box. I immediately put half of my meal into my box, so I wouldn't over-eat, and now I have lunch all ready to go for tomorrow. I really enjoyed my dinner. I even let myself have some chips and salsa. I'm so proud of myself. I was perfectly reasonable with them and I didn't disgrace myself at all by going overboard like I usually do with chips and salsa. I drank a couple glasses of water during dinner as well.

And I'll be damned if Husband STILL didn't say anything to me about my appearance tonight. I kind of gave him hell (only a bit) when we got home, after me giving him all freaking night to say something. He said he is a bonehead. I told him maybe he doesn't say anything about me being attractive because he doesn't think I am. He said no...but then I reminded him when I was thinner (and let's face it, more attractive), he told me I was. He used to compliment me. He never does it anymore, so maybe he doesn't do it because I'm just not attractive to him. He never responded to that.

ANYWAY. Back to dinner and food...

I must say, it sure feels good to have some self-control. MANY times over the years, I would either go off the deep end when I go out to eat, or I'd be basically miserable the whole time because I was really restricting myself. Husband and I talked about this at dinner for a little while. I don't feel like having a few chips and a margarita is going to make or break my long-term success with my dieting and exercising. Not only do we have to learn how to eat healthfully the majority of the time, we also need to learn how to CONTROL OURSELVES during certain situations the rest of the time. Sometimes, we go to a birthday party. Is it really necessary to never, ever have a piece of cake at a birthday party ever again? Is that even possible? Or would it be better to teach ourselves to enjoy that cake in moderation? Maybe have a piece of cake that is only about 3 bites worth. Granted, certain foods are definitely "trigger foods." This can be a slippery slope. I guess what I have to do is to just gauge how strong I'm feeling at any given moment. If I'm feeling strong that day, or in that moment, then I would be able to have three bites of cake and walk away. If I'm not, however, then it would probably be best to just avoid it altogether. I have to be reasonable. SIL and I were talking about this at our meeting. I can't realistically say, "I'm never going to have ____ ever again." I have to learn restraint. Self-control. Moderation.

I think I'm finally getting it. I think I'm finally learning these things. I think I really might make it this time.



SBD -- Phase 1.5, Day 23


Breakfast A: hot lemon water with honey and cayenne.

Breakfast B: fresh, homemade, "mean green" juice (four celery stalks, whole cuke, two green apples, six kale leaves, ginger, half a lemon).

Lunch: grilled chicken, black olives, string cheese, cukes, sliced turkey.

Dinner: grilled chicken with shrimp and mushrooms, black beans, steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, chips and salsa, margarita.

Snacks, string cheese, cheese slices.

Activity: Power 90 sculpt, Power 90 100-abs. (30 minutes total).


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    your blogs are always so awesome! You are so lucky you get to work with kids, sounds like a lot of fun (probably stressful though :D)
    I have been thinking of Easter candy all month, I feel your pain!! I really want one of those creamy cadbury eggs too. I will treat myself to 1...maybe 2 lol.
    Please don't restrict yourself, you will quit your diet out of frustration! You are write to eat in moderation. That is the right track. I always allow a small piece of cake on birthdays. I just make sure to eat super healthy the rest of the day. More veggies and grilled chicken on that day and a little less calories (not starving though). You did really good fitting that margarita in by offsetting with a very healthy dinner! emoticon

    1523 days ago
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