WOD's for week of April 9th

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Work Outs starting on April 9th

Great work out on the 9th. Lots of weights!!


1. Snatch (70%, 75%, 80%)x2 (85%, 90%, 95%) x1
So we were to lift a percentage of our max lift.
I thought my max was 70 pounds. BUT after attempting this realized it was more like 60 pounds.

My weights were 50#, 55#, 55#, and 60#. It didn't go quite as directed. 60# was tough for me and it was ugly. So working on that being my max now.

2. Clean and jerk: (80%, 85%) x2 adn (90% and 95%) x 1

My max before was 70 pounds. So my weights were going to be 55, 60, 65 and 65 again. Well when I stared it was easy. I blew past the 65 pounds and ended up lifting 80#. A new personal record for me! Very exciting!! Woo Hoo!!!

3. Front squats: (85%x4)x2 (90%x2)x2
I think I left the bar at 80 pounds. Was working on my form more then weight. I didn't really do this as written due to that. But my squat is getting better. Able to get down lower and keep chest up.

Then we did a partner pull
5 sets of up and down. About 100 meters I would say. Used rubber bands to hold partner back.

3 rounds for time:
fence run about 200 meters
15 box jumps
10 wall kicks

finished in about 11:30 or so. I didn't get an exact time on that one. My running/jogging is getting better though!!

April 10th:

We did a modified Annie

Supposed to be 50-40-30-20-10 reps of
Double under jump ropes
ab mat sit ups

However I don't have doubles yet. So if we did single jump rope we had to add 75 jumps to each rep.

I finished this part of the wod in 14:36
With out resting we immediately had to go and run a mile. This is NOT my strongest thing. But managed my fastest mile ever. Finished the whole thing in a time of 28:46. So my mile was 14:10. Not very fast but it was for me! I was exhausted. We then worked on some skills. I did some pullup work.

Friday 10th:

5x3 @80% of max
My max is 200 so I lifted 160#

We had to lift it 3 times in a row with out stopping. And do that 5 times. I killed this one. Deadlifts is my favorite lift. I feel very strong doing them!!!!

We then did a 20 Amrap(as many rounds as possible)
15 push ups
10 burpee box jumps
15 toe to bars

I manged 5 complete rounds. I was doing more knee to elbows. Can't quite get the t2b thing yet but getting closer.

In the last 2 days I had some crossfit booboo's! Doing the abmats on Thursday night I rubbed a spot on my butt raw!! It was very!! Then doing the deadlifts and bar work I ripped one of my callouses. My hands were killing me. BUT it just meant I was really working hard. Kind of made me feel proud!! Everything is all better now!!!

Monday April 13th:

Worked on back squats first. Lifted 70 pounds. Still working on form. It is much harder then it I can't seem to get down low enough and keep my chest up. But it is better.


20 minute timed wod:
30 push presses
40 hang cleans
50 crossfit push ups
40 over head lunges
30 toe to bars

Not a bad wod. I did the weight work at 35 pounds because it was a lot of reps. And I did the lunges with a 15 pound plate. It wasn't bad at all UNTIL you broke up a set. Every time you broke something up or rested you had to do 50 jump ropes. I did good until the push ups. And had to break them up. Then the lunges killed me. I am not a lunger. For some reason it is a really hard movement for me. BUT I did finish in the 20 minute time cap. So was happy about that part!!

Today is a new day! I am involved in a new challenge that I think has energized my efforts. I'm very excited about it. I measured myself this week too. First time since August. Since I have started crossfitting I have lost 7 1/2 inches. Where there was fat is now muscle. So I might not be losing weight or many inches but my body is transforming. I want to lose another inch this month. Will push hard for that. Would love to get 10 more pounds of fat off!!!!

Anyway thank you if you took the time to read this. Kind of long. But really need to document my work outs so I can see my progress and what I need to work on and what I am doing good in!! Yall have a good day!!!
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