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Hello, April! Why is it 40 degrees out in Texas today??

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Seriously. I woke up freezing and had to turn my heat on. All the trees are green, so I took this as a sign that the weather was going to stabilize and stop being so crazy.

Things are still going about the same for me on the weight loss front. I'm maintaining, eating at maintenance levels, etcetc. I'm consistently missing one or two workouts a week, which puts me at maintenance levels of exercise, too! I've mostly just been skipping Saturdays. My normal workout schedule is Mon-Sat with Sun off. Skipping Saturdays I guess isn't that big of a deal if I'm doing the maintenance thing. I just feel so blaaah and indifferent about it all.

I'm kind of enjoying eating a wider variety of things and not having trouble in the bathroom. I missed having good poops. Losing weight never gives me good poops, no matter how many happy dark green vegetables I eat, or how I balance my meals. So there's that.

I'm still being really careful in the grocery store. I don't want to slip back into junk food habits, so I'm making sure I don't come back with real ice cream or bags of Cheetos, etc. I haven't touched the Easter candy isle this year. My calorie intake is higher than it should be, but I think right now it's a combination of portion control, meal balancing, and snacking that is doing it.

I went to the doctor yesterday. I'm pretty sick and tired of this sore lump in my armpit. It comes and goes, so it's hard to schedule a doctor's visit when the wait to see him is at least a month, and I don't know what the pit is going to be doing. The last time I talked to him about it, it was sometime last year. It wasn't particularly swollen, and he didn't feel anything weird. He said I was probably just wearing clothes that were rubbing on it in some way, and that I should come back if it was still bugging me.

Last fall, when I got the flu shot, it swelled to the size of a tennis ball! I felt crummy from the flu shot anyway, so I didn't go in then. I'm kind of sick and tired of it, so I told the doctor's office this time that I really needed to see someone this week, and I didn't care who it was.

So, yesterday, I got to see a PA! I told her what was going on, and she was able to feel it this time. It's kind of on the downswing right now. It was worse last week, and it's almost down to normal today. I'm glad she felt it and that I'm not just some crazy person. She said that there's a ton of stuff going on in all our armpits, and that since it could be a number of things, we'll have to run some tests.

They drew blood for a CBC yesterday. They got the results in today and said that everything is pretty much normal... pretty much. They said I had slightly more viral cells present than normal, but it wasn't something worrying that they needed to treat. I'm supposed to be scheduled for an ultrasound, too. There were complications with that yesterday, though. The doc tried to schedule it, but when it got over to radiology, they had a sh*tfit and said that you can't JUST schedule an ultrasound for an armpit. You also need a mammogram. So, because of COMPUTERS and BEUROCRACY, they couldn't just schedule me. (lawl). They had to kick it back to the doc so that she could approve what THEY wanted to do.

Because of this, they couldn't schedule me at all until it went through all the computers! I thought this was all very silly, but whatever. It's the kind of monstrous thing that no one at all has control over, so I just went home. I'm supposed to get a call back sometime today to schedule that stuff.

So, it could be something as simple as a chronically clogged sweatgland, to something as serious as cancer. It is a mystery! Personally, I dont' think it's a sweat gland. If it was, why would it have gotten so big when I had my flu shot?

IT's all very exciting. I will keep you guys updated.

In the mean time, I'm working on getting the house cleaned up a little. I've been bitten by the spring cleaning bug. Since the weather is all over the place, I haven't really had the opportunity to air the place out, though. At least once a year, I like to open all the windows and doors of the main living area and try to freshen things up. You know, the air inside a house is filthier than outside, since we re-circulate dead skin cells and all sorts of stuff. I heard somewhere that most dust in the house is dead skin, but this is probably an urban legend. All I know is that the air smells better when the house gets a good air-out every once in a while.

Besides.. it's giving me something to do while I wait on costume pieces. I could get started if I could only finish this last hem on the curtains, but I've been REALLY lazy about that. Maybe I'll finish them up today, since I FINALLY have an install date on our new windows. It looks like it'll be at the end of the month. So, I absolutely have to have it done by then, but I want to get started on summer con stuff before that. AnimeFEST is in August, but if by some strange fluke I end up in Dallas when A-kon is running, I'll want to bring some costumes for that. That's June. At this point, it'll all be old stuff if I don't work on something new soon.

I'm really conflicted about A-kon. The new venue is nice, and the con is big. It has that going for it. I don't like the guests they bring in, and I have grown to dislike the con in general from repeated "blah" experiences over the years. That being said, once every few years, they bring in a guest I get really excited about. It's usually the musical guest. They bring in bands from Japan that I've listened to for decades, but never thought I would see in person. The last time they brought a musical guest in, it was Seikima II. Think of them as contemporaries of KISS. They broke up in the 90's, and when they decided to get back together again, A-kon brought them to the US and it was amazing.

Before that, they'd brought in Versailles, Pycho Le Cemu, Inugami Circus Dan, and others in years past that I don't even remember. It's only within the last ten years or so, though, that they've really started bringing in big names. When PLC came, I was like WUT. I mean, I don't expect that sort of thing. I heard one year, Kamijo from Lareine was just hanging out in the Dealer's room signing autographs because he was brought in by one of the dealers, not the con. He did come back with Versailles later, so there may have been some truth to that.

Anyway, this year, they have Ra:IN. I'm not familiar with their music, but I am excited anyway, because it's Pata's band. Pata is most famous for being one of the guitarists in XJAPAN. X is one of the most famous Japanese rock bands ever, so this is actually pretty huge. He and hide did some amazing things together in X. I could see some of that in person! But.. it's not my favorite convention. It's probably the largest in the state, though, so it's the kind of con where you need to have a hotel room reserved like 6+ months in advance. I'm sure if I was really passionate about making it happen, I could probably stay with Mom3 and have someone drop me off& pick me up or whatevs, but I don't know if I'm even THAT excited. I mean, it's really cool, but argh!

More exciting news? I'm getting a new computer this week. That's pretty awesome! My graphics card has been giving me trouble for at least a year now. We're on our third card in that machine. We thought about replacing the card again, but apparently the prices on higher end machines have come down so much that I can get something really nice for almost half the price of my previous computer! I'm taking the opportunity to go through old picture folders and get rid of dumb stuff, sort through the good stuff, and get everything ready for backup. I'm finding some really amazing stuff! We were happiest to find one picture set in particular, though.

Back in the day when Senpu was young and healthy and still with us, we had a cat harness. I thought for sure you could just take any cat and put it on a harness and teach it to walk outside, because I saw it on TV and I thought it looked funny. Senpu never did like going outside, but we used the harness for OTHER things.... heh heh heh. He was our mascot for our cosplay group, and my best friend for over a decade. He never dressed up with us, though... but we did take ONE photo set with some doll wings wired into his harness!

No sentimental cheese here about his death or whatever. I just think it's a great shot, and we were actually kind of sad that we couldn't find it for a few years. So, your cat picture for the day!

At any rate, it's time for the morning bike. I'll have to drag the phone with me this time, though. Gotta answer since apparently today is the day for important phone calls. I THINK I'm done with all the calls, but who knows? I talked to a nurse, the window installers, a scheduler at the radiology clinic... who else haven't I talked to yet that I need to speak with? No one I can think of, but that just means someone else will call and surprise me!
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    awww so cute Senpu!

    Sorry to hear about your pit. I had a similar problem in college and got it checked out by a surgeon, who determined it was a clogged sweat gland. He told me to stop wearing deodorant and use rubbing alcohol to prevent pit stink, and it went away. To this day I rarely wear deodorant, but then again I don't smell very badly even if I don't! Hope it works out! Will send positive thoughts your way. =)
    1467 days ago
    Hope everything goes well with the lump
    1467 days ago
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