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Happy results from consult at the VA Hospital!

Monday, April 14, 2014

In July I switched from a male healthcare professional to a female one. I am hardly ever sick and this was my annual exam. Well my new Dr after getting done with my PAP told me I had a prolapse uterus. I asked how can it be fixed ~ surgery and something else and then there's KEGELs.

Now this all took place a few months for I got motivated to lose the weight. a few years ago I had a consultation for those annoying little leaks and that option was surgery also.

I didn't want to do surgeries because I still have to care for my son.

Anyway fast f orward - I got the motivation to lose weight at the end of September. I found as I lost the weight and body fat that my annoying little leaks disappeared~ Yippee!

I asked my female dr about fixing the prolapse uterus back in February and was setup with a consultation for today - 3 hours away at the Little Rock VA hospital. Appt. time 1:30pm - So I made arrangements for my BFF to pick up my son at school and take care of him til I could return home.

Arrived 45 mins early - found the Women's Health Clinic - this was only my 2nd time in that area. Talked to lady behind the counter. Not friendly at all or welcoming. Told me to check in at the kiosk with my VA card. After I was seen - asked her again if they handled the Travel Pay paper work or was I supposed to turn it in. She points to some inbox trays and asked if I had filled out the form. DUH! So I filled out the form and she told me to lay it facedown in another tray!

Okay my appointment - Nice friendly female came and got me - weighed and took my blood pressure - took me to a room and told me to only undress the lower half and use the cotton sheet provided to cover up. Then I had a young male came in and took a medical history for verification. This is when I found there was a TEAM coming to check me out. So he goes out to consult with the TEAM then he, a young female and the nurse came in to start the examination. The young female did the examination (& a PAP) and I think the young male was a student.

Anyway there is good news - I don't have a prolapse uterus!!! Everything is A OKAY. So I am assuming that losing some of the belly fat took care that issue too!

Sorry if I put TMI ~ I am just thrilled that I don't need surgeries for 2 issues. But She also suggested KEGELs and I told her there's an APP for that. She says there is and I got my phone out and showed them both. She was thrilled it was free! SO I guess I have to make time for that too!

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