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Dress For LESS and Have FUN!!!!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

With age comes wisdom. Or at least that's what we hear.
I have come to believe it's true in how much I spend on fashion.
Or maybe it's the fact that I can't afford to spend thousands like I once did.

I really believe it's because I have come to realize that you don't need to dress in designer clothes. Most people can't tell, after all the label is on the inside.
Unless its a designer handbag, and then it could be a fake.
Women feel the need to ware designer clothes for their own insecurities.

From my own experience, designer clothes or having more clothes than I could ware gave me a sense of being important. Of having arrived, never being looked upon as the little girl in the hand made dress.
What we carry with us from childhood to our adult life can shape how we feel and live our lives.
We know that from many of us struggling with being over weight.
Obesity that we started out with, or that we developed . Usually brought on by feeling of loneliness or depression. A feeling of not being worthy.
I don't want to knock our families, but many of us carry baggage that started with someone or some event from our formative years.

So now you want to know where am I going with this?

My life in a nut shell.
Country girl, not much money, poor. But did have all the elements I needed to achieve.
Broken home, raised by Grandparents.
Smart but naive. Felt my back ground , where I lived wasn't as good as the rich city girls..
Worked hard to over come. Got top grades, always trying to be the best. Wanting to be the one that fitted in.
Cheer leading, modeling, still didn't fill the void.

In a miss guided way thought material wealth would be the answer.
After two failed marriages, knew all the material wealth would not give me the inner peace and confidence I desired.
I had to find my own way. Couldn't rely on someone else or some article of expensive clothing to give me happiness.

Ditched the corporate job , expensive clothes.
Started my own business. Moved to a relaxed , laid back beach lifestyle. Found I was comfortable in shorts, flats, jeans and t shirts.
Maybe I was just a country girl at heart.
I still enjoyed fashion, but it wasn't as important. Gradually I came to enjoy the fact that I didn't have to dress to impress. When the occasion arose, I knew I could pull it together.
My daughter and I found the outlet stores. Some of the consignment shops. looking for pieces that could enhance our wardrobe.
The fact that I could find a $300.00 dress for under $100.00 was thrilling..
Of course today for me to spend #100.00 for one item would be outrageous.
But back then I had handbags that cost over #1,500.00. I probably had a small house sitting on the selves of my closet.

Jump ahead to early 2000, weight was piling on like long lost relatives after you win the lottery.
I had no interest in clothes. While wearing 1X all the way to 5X, I dressed just to be covered. It might has well have been a blanket. fashion was the last thing on my mind.
That changed in 2010. I embarked on a weight loss journey.

By the fall I had to buy smaller sized clothes. These were to be transition clothes, until I reached my goal weight. I then planned a huge shopping trip.

I went to the Goodwill, found some lovely clothes. As I continued to lose, I would need a smaller size. I would return the ones I no longer needed.
I started to wonder why I would want to spend department store prices for clothes when I could dress in the fantastic items I was finding?

In some of my earlier blogs I have pictured some pieces, believe
me they are very nice. Some items I find, still have new tags on the,. By buying most of my major pieces at thrift stores, I am able to shop Victoria Secret and a few other places to buy something the thrift store doesn't have.

In early February this year, I started to think Spring fashion. as much as I love the fall season, I had had enough boots, sweaters, bundled up in coats, hats, scarves. I wanted bright colors, light fabric's. New styles.

I started to look through my fashion magazines, check the designers for what te Spring/Summer colors and looks were trending.
Here's what I read:

The top 10 fashion trends,

1. Pretty in Pink. Number one color for Spring 2014 is pink., blush, radiant orchid , all shades of pink, but no neon pink. Unless you are a small child, or it's a stripe on your athletic shoe.
Seems there is a shade of pink flattering for everyone. Whatever the age, skin tone, hair color, when in doubt go pink.
But there is also orange, pale blue, green even yellow, the usual pastel colors.

2. Everything coming up floral; The flower trend is everywhere. dresses , shoes, tops, pants.

3. Mix patterns. just stay in the same color range.

4. Mules rule. Open toed mules freshen up a summer look. Gladiator sandal's, canvas espadrilles, any wrap ankle or buckle shoe, hot.

5. Go sideways. Horizontal stripes are hotter than ever.

6. Sparkle, shine. Metallic are major. mixing metals , like gold,silver, very in.

7.Fringe, used on purses. Some trim on clothes, but don't over do.

8. Black and white . Never gets old. spice it up with bold accessories. Zebra is hot.

9. Animal prints, still trending. but more subtle. one piece, blouse, pants, shoes. not an entire outfit.

10. Maxi skirts, dress. Angle hemmed, or straight. Not too full, no broomstick skirts.

I did an inventory of what I had for Spring/Summer 2014, quite a lot. But tired of some pieces, so donated back to Value Village.

Here are some fashion trends :

The maxi skits. Black white tops. Pink clutch bag, cost $695.00 Blush pink heels, cost $165.00 .Orange pants, yellow,pink,orange sheer top. carves, hats, bags, in Spring pastel colors, of blush, pink. green. blue.

Here are some of my thrift fashion buys.

Pink Orchid leather jacket. Cost was $359.00, I paid $15.00.
Pink bag, $.99, blush wedges, $2.00. hot pink sandal's, $2.00. pink shoes, $3.49
Jewelry , Designs by Tisha.

Pink leather vest, $3.99
Pink floral dress, $5.99
Dark pink top.,$2.00 worn with skirt I already had bought 2 years ago for $3.99

maxi blk/wh skirt, has polka dot edge at bottom, found a polka dot top to ware.
Skirt $3.49, top $2.00. Of course can ware a multitude of tops with skirt.
Skirt with a print top. Mixing prints, stay in same color's.
A group of black and white items . Bag was new, original cost over $100.00, I got it for $2.00. Shoes anywhere from $2.00 to $4.99. My jewelry.
Mules, 2.00, orange, #5.99, Kenneth Cole metallic wedges, $2.00. Chinese laundry brown heels, $2.00, red Guess heels, $2.00, bright red wedges, $2.00.
I posted the red high heels and bag before but here a better photo

Black with blue/green floral is lovely at $4.99. Paired it with a white Dress Barn jacket, $3.99. To change it up paired it with a black jacket I had.

The black white zebra print top.

Orange denim skinny jeans, brand new, $3.99, tee, $1.99, jean jacket had cost me $ 4.99
lands End swimsuit, still had tag, really nice, $5.99
Sketchers, shape ups, Fantastic to walk in. $4.49
Animal print tops, anywhere from $2.00 to $4.49. Green clutch, $2.00.
White heels, $2.00.
Gorgeous sheer coverup. $2.00. Can also be worn over a tank with jeans, to go out. Make great resort wear.

And last but not least the beautiful red Jones of New York leather jacket that had a tag of $399.00. I got it for $15.99.

It's nice to have a good choice of clothes to choose from. Nice to separate the seasons so when you do want an item it's easy to find.
You can dress in the best of clothes but you have to feel comfortable in what you ware. .
Find a style, build on it. Keep items in good condition.
Nothing looks worst than ripped seams, pins holding something together.
Keep all your accessories in good shape. no run down heels, scuffed toes.
Don't have to match handbags with shoes, so get adventurous.
Clothes don't make the person but how you present yourself says it all.

I am wearing the maxi skirt tonight to a ladies night out dinner at Outback.
The floral dress will wear on Easter. If cool. black jacket. Warm day , white.
I hope you all have as much fun as i do shopping and experimenting with fashion.
Most of all my fantastic thrifty buys are found at Value Village. They have a colored 50% off tag every week. on Thursday the color of tag changes. Any items that was 50% off and still not sold can be bought for $2.00. On every Wednesday there is 40% seniors discount. Sometime it pays to be 72. Smile!!
Peace and Love.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have bought probably 98% of the clothes I have bought in the last 2 years at goodwill and I can't imagine it any other way, I love the things i find and i am lucky to live in an area right now that has several goodwills. I used to live in the Portland area and the goodwills here are much more reasonably priced too! I love it. Great finds!
    2451 days ago
    Massive blog - and fantastic story. Good work. emoticon
    2486 days ago
    hello fashion lady
    go girl go
    2492 days ago
    P.S. Thank you,too, for sharing your story...yes, I so agree we are all have baggage and so many from someone or thing in our formative years! I know I do! We need to remember this when we want to judge others...you never know what they might be "carrying" around! Hugs!
    2497 days ago
    What a fashion show and terrific advice!
    This is such a great service to everyone...I do not think people realize what is possible at thrift shops! Helps you, helps others and for those losing weight it helps for transition clothes!
    And that pink leather jacket is YOU....wow!
    Thank you, and I can't wait til the Fall Show!!!
    Love you,
    P.S. Did Titan get a new T-shirt or raincoat?
    2497 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14668970
    I've never known how to "dress". Envious of others who do. My fault though....overweight all my life (save 1 year). Someday I hope I can wear whatever I want. My goal is to be able to wear a very classy long skirted suit. Love your blogs!!!!
    2500 days ago
    Tisha you always find the most amazing buys. And your hair..darlin' it's marvelous. emoticon Donna
    2502 days ago
    Love it Tisha!!!!!! You know me and my Mom thrify shop but we havent done our spring fling yet. Loving the orange sandals, zebra top and the denim jeans in orange. Just wonderful. That leather coat was a buy!!!
    2503 days ago
    Trish, you have some beautiful pieces, you don't need to wear designer label it's all about choosing the right styles for you and how you carry your clothes, one can wear a flour sack and still look beautiful....I admire you beautiful , classy lady!!!!
    Ahh too bad I live in Australia otherwise I would go shopping with you.

    2507 days ago
    Great ideas for dressing for less and having fun doing it.
    2508 days ago
  • JILL313
    Tisha, Loved your honest blog with all your interesting background information. I would never have guessed you had issues as a result of or during your childhood. To me, if anyone has it all together you seem to. I appreciate all the fashion information and I bet no matter where you shop you are the best dressed Lady there. You've been blessed with a fantastic sense of fashion and know what's good for you to wear. I loved all the pictures you so kindly shared with us. You sure purchases your clothes & accessories at a small fraction of their original purchase price. You're going to look great in your pink Easter dress as it's so pretty and stylish & it'll show off your great figure. I'd love to be out of the plus sizes as my fashion choices wouldn't be so limited & I would look so much better in regular sizes. I've not given up on myself being a normal/healthy weight in the near futre. The last few months due to circumstances I lost my focus but I'm gearing up slowly to start losing weight again with more exercise and eating healthy with fewer carbs, sugar & junk food. Thank you for writing such a terrific fun blog.

    Thank you for my lovely Easter Basket & "Girl Scout's Honor" I didn't eat the chocolate Easter Bunny all by myself. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2508 days ago
    . ✶•´ ☆´,•*´¨★
    ☆´¸.•★´ ¸.•`✶* ☆´¸★
    ☻/.... Just stopping by to cheer you onward!!!
    /▌...... Thanks for the blog
    Dr. Oz Show Fans Team

    2508 days ago
    From one Diva to another, Tish - YOU ROCK! I love your finds. I go a lot to those stores, but hardly find anything my size. Maybe that will change as I drop. I do take my clothes to the Plus Size Resale shoppe though. Things fly out of there faster than she can put them on the racks.

    Thanks for the ideas and pictures. I just love what you do fashion-wise. If you lived around here we could go shopping together! Hugs, Jackie O
    2508 days ago
  • RDEE22
    Looking good Tisha. emoticon
    2509 days ago
    Beautiful clothes! You look lovely
    2509 days ago
    Everything I've been wearing lately either came from a thrift store or friends who out grew them...except my shoes (of which I only have a few pairs), and undies (Walmart).

    I'm a long time thrift shopper, but now I can fit into so many nice things. emoticon

    GREAT blog!
    2509 days ago
    My favorite places to shop!!!!
    2509 days ago
    I am just in AWE of you!

    As a child we often shopped Goodwill and Salvation Army. I also learned to sew from my mother and was way more advanced than the High School economic classes of 1970s.

    Most of the clothes hanging up on my clothes rack were given to me by someone.

    I so need to find my sense of style again, LOL emoticon
    2509 days ago
    awesome! I LOVE thirft shopping! I actuallly have a Low-Budget Fashionista blog! www.erinlindsay83.blogspot.com if you're interested!
    2509 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Tisha this is marvelous! Thanks for all of your hard work! You have some beautiful clothing. I live very close to a Goodwill store and have NEVER been there. Walking distance and I believe I'm going to venture out one weekend and check it out. Such lovely pieces. I'm ready to go SHOPPING!!!
    Deb> emoticon
    2509 days ago
    wow love your clothes and the choices you bought. Most of our thrift stores are not tidy and I honestly cant be bothered to go through bins. If it is hanging then sure.
    But have to say love the necklace you made in the picture with the white purse. the one in the center that has the round pc at the bottom.

    I have never wanted to really shop even as a teen, I wasn't into clothes and if I ever have money to spend I just wouldn't ever let myself buy anything costly. Most expensive item I own is a leather jacket tthat hubby insisted I buy for myself, and was on sale for 199. lol. Guess it is a good thing I don't want expensive stuff as sure cant do it now! LOL

    love your wardrobe and I just may go bargain hunting soon.
    2509 days ago
  • QTEALADY20031
    WOW Tisha, I have been waiting on this blog. What a fantastic wardrobe you have put together. I need to come shopping where you live LOL I just can't seem to find many items as great as yours. Of course I am in a larger size too so that is going to account for it. Tisha, I love everything especially the pink dress at the top, all your outfits look fantastic. I know the Maxi dresses and skirts are in style, you see them everywhere and so is lace, cotton, nylon, all kinds of lace. You know I am jealous of those heels you are wearing especially those red shoes!! I hope you have an enjoyable evening. You will be the talk of Outback tonight! Have fun tonight! emoticon emoticon June
    2509 days ago
  • KITT52
    2509 days ago
    Due to your excellent shopping skills you have a beautiful wardrobe for a minimal price!
    2510 days ago
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