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Sunday, April 13, 2014

I have set another blog timer for myself. 10 minutes today...

So...I have found out the kind of writing/culinary job I don't like and the kind I do like. Last week I got all swept up taking a job with a weeks time limit and it just about killed me! UGH! It was crazy. I agreed to ghost write a "report" for someone (I suspect it is a chapter in a book) on breads with recipes to go with it. It sounded great but really it was kind of yucky. With the amount of time I was given and the outline, there was no way to give it any substance and, although it was ALOT of work I didn't feel good about it...but I did it. I won't take a job like that again. It is hard to explain, but it sucked the life out of me for awhile there!

My brain was just filled with words and recipes that I was producing at a rapid rate and then worries about the words and recipes I wasn't producing for other people and the words I have not put down for a blog I have due in a week or so and then back to the words and recipes I had still to do NOW! You can imagine my dreams! So NO more jobs like that for me!

I have three jobs that I love though, and that was another troubling thing about the "report" as it left very little time for anything else.

Here is what I DO like about my other jobs. They all have much better time frames that allow me to do quality work. I get to develop recipes of my own choosing, for two of the jobs (within their guidelines of course) and the feed back and guidance I get is constructive and professional. Yay! These jobs feed me rather than feed ON me! (plus they are all ongoing if I want) I will look for more jobs like this once I get caught up from this past H#ll Week!

I have somehow managed to keep up on my exercise through this all though. My poor family has had to take a back seat for the week to work and exercise (yesterday I fed the children chocolate cereal for dinner...and lunch emoticon) but today they are upfront again and will stay that way!

I managed to lose a bit of weight during the week as well (probably from being too busy to eat). I had gained a few pounds last month and I stubbornly don't want to move my ticker up (is that bad) so I am working to get to that weight again. I think once I can focus on myself and eating right again I will get back there. my timer went off but I do have one more thing...

I never mentioned this before but we have mostly lived in furnished homes here (or partly furnished) so when we moved here (to an unfurnished home) we had only a couch, a few shelving units, a desk and our beds for furnature. OH! And our bed...Patrick's and mine was unable to fit up the dang stairs of this old home so we had to get rid of it and we are sleeping on this tiny extra bed that we had. ANYWAY, we did get a kitchen table but have put off anything else until we get caught up financially. Basically we had one couch to relax on and we all could not share it at the same get the (ridiculous) idea.

The hotel is remodeling over the Easter break and we are NOT too proud to take a set of the old furniture! Keep in mind, this is a luxury hotel so the furniture is not too old and not shabby at all. This afternoon, Patrick is bringing home a full living room set...L shaped couch, two chairs and a coffee table! Whoo HOOO! We will all be able to sit down at once now! Whooo HOOO! lol!

Sometimes it makes me sad that we have a whole home of belongings in the states all in a storage space that my kids have never seen (Quin doesn't remember any of it). We are happy with what we can get now in this life though and one day (who knows when) it will be thrilling to see all of our things again. I suppose giving up things is the price we have paid for a life of adventure.

Now all we need is a proper bed and this will be like a REAL home!

Thanks for I get ready for my new furniture!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Ronna, you sound so happy!! Busy, but happy. I think you may have found your calling.
    All of this is absolutely wonderful! I love reading that you are enjoying what you are doing. So, happy for you!!
    2308 days ago
    Congrats on all your writing jobs and your new furniture! Your extra pounds will probably disappear with all the work and exercise you are doing, so no need to move the ticker.
    2310 days ago
    Hey! That's awesome on several counts! You get "new" furniture! You learned what you don't like and don't have to travel that road again!

    I moved into a great farmhouse on 100+ acre horse farm years ago. Unfortunately, my bed wouldn't fit up the stairs, so I slept on a raised air mattress for a year. It was actually very comfy! We adapt, adjust and move forward!
    2311 days ago
    So no free hotel bed? That's great that you got the LR furniture though!

    While it was a hard week, it was useful for you to figure out that you don't like that kind of work, so you can avoid it in the future. Sounds like you are going gangbusters! emoticon
    2311 days ago
    You make me smile Rhonna. I so wish we were neighbors. Enjoy that furniture. I sure would. Maybe you can be so lucky to get a bed also. I think the food writing on your terms is a wonderful idea.
    2311 days ago
    Enjoy the new furniture!
    2311 days ago
    What great luck with furniture. Your writing for food blogs sounds great. Looking forward getting some links from you.
    2311 days ago
    The new furniture sounds GREAT! Hooray!
    And do not touch that ticker. You WILL get rid of those pounds so spare yourself the extra work. At least, that's my approach!
    Woo hoo!!!

    2311 days ago
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