The Plight of the Long Term Weight Loss

Friday, April 11, 2014

I've been working out quite consistently for three weeks now. Five or six days a week, while tracking my food and drinking my water everyday.
But there's a problem.
At least once each week, my husband has asked me, "So when are you going to start lifting weights?"
For two weeks now I've been doing ten minute Spark Videos for some resistance training a few days a week.
Since almost week one, my mother has been insistent that I add Chia seeds to whatever I eat. She says I should do a yoga class. She says, she says, she says.
No one is ASKING anything. That's the first problem. "How has your working out been going? How's tracking your food? How is your state of wellness" Because let's not brush under the rug the 300mg of Wellbutrin XL and 20 mg of Celexa I take every morning, shall we?
Besides pointing out that I'm the busiest unemployed person she's ever met, my therapist often prompts me by asking me, "Do you feel overwhelmed?" during any given rant or introspection. WHAT DO YOU THINK??
Everyone in my personal life, who interacts with me directly, looks completely past the fact that I have become terribly obese in the past ten years. Yes, there are people way worse off than me, people who would be happy to be where I am at starting out. But the fact is that I have a LONG arsed way to go before I get hyper analytical about my diet and how often I need to be lifting weights or how fast I can run a mile. I want to walk quickly up the stairs without losing my breath. I want to be able to lift just *myself* well, wth do I need to add five pound weights to my arm for, LOOK AT IT. The muscle in there is already carrying around at least three pounds of fat surrounding it.
So rant-y tone aside, this is the long way 'round to say: Thank you, all you lovely Spark People who have been being so wonderful to me this past month. Thank you for being my *real* support system, instead of making me feel like I'm not doing enough of something, or that I need to do different things. You're just there. Caring, encouraging, and cheering me on for the things I *am* achieving. Thank you.
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    Keep doing what you are doing! You'd never try to teach someone algebra before you'd teach them the basics of addition and subtraction, right? YOU are in charge of your life YOU choose what you want to do and YOU are solely responsible for what happens in this lifestyle change. We have similar weight loss goals and I've been at this for 6 weeks. I won't say it gets easier, because it doesn't, but if you are routine oriented like I am, the workouts build themselves in. Accept that you will need to challenge yourself, but do it on your own terms. You can do it!
    2312 days ago
    I know it's easier said than done, but sometimes you just have to tell people to mind their own business. A nicer way to do that is to gently let them know their suggestions are good ones but not what you need at the moment. Then be sure to let them know what you DO need (questions about how it's going and how you're feeling emotionally) -- they can't read your mind.

    Hang in there!

    2314 days ago
    You're doing great girl! Don't let anyone or anything get in the way of your mind-set! You can do this! I get down sometimes when I look at all the time i have let slip by, that I could have been using to get healthy, or when I think about the length of time it's going to take, but it eases my mind when I break it into smaller more doable time periods. This time around i'm just concentrating on 5lbs a month to take all that pressure off..feels kind of freeing. You just keep doing what ever makes *YOU* feel good! You got this! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2314 days ago
    People are always quick to tell us what they think we should be doing. I have learned this very quickly by becoming a mother.

    I say you obviously know what is best for you and your mind and body will tell you what to do. When anyone tries to tell me, I just say this isn't a sprint it is my life and I will do what I want when I am ready.

    Get it girl!
    2314 days ago
    Sometimes we all need to get things off our chest. Glad you shared!

    emoticon emoticon

    2315 days ago

    Just keep doing EXACTLY what you are doing, Sweetheart! You are doing a FABULOUS job! People are always going to have opinions about what you should do to lose weight but we are all very different! Considering you are already about to hit your 10lb milestone, I'd say what you are doing is working out VERY well for you! Keep up the great work, Darling! Sending lots of hugs!!


    2315 days ago
    Well said!

    2315 days ago
    Keep up the good work! emoticon emoticon
    2315 days ago
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