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Friday, April 11, 2014

I really try to go to two different weight watcher meetings per week. I like both the leaders and the members that attend each one. Since January, I have not been able to make the 2nd meeting. A number of teeth with dental appointments...and swear each week...bad weather arose. Yes, we had a harsh winter. This week...I was able to attend the 2nd meeting. was good to see the regulars....and lots of new people too! You could tell they were close...and I was actually happy to see that. I realize that membership has dwindled due to many factors, so this was positive. They even set up a walking group that commences once the meeting is over. Very positive.

The meeting was NOT what I expected. It was more of a social hour/gathering than a meeting.

I am not even really sure what the meeting was suppose to be about......that is how off it was. There was a traffic light on the green. What foods were green...good to go.....yellow....precede with caution.....and red....stop!

Okay....fine and dandy.

RED was an issue. People started talking about the actual FOODS that were RED LIGHT for themselves. It wasn't even food, but sweet treats......drinks....etc. They were specific.....they were exact. They laughed ...they shared...their eyes lit up with excitement as they mentioned their treats....indulgences. Kayleen was on my left...and this other woman was on my right......they kept leaning forward over me....discussing red licorice.....jelly beans. I wanted to pop them with my fist. I wanted them to lean back and quite frankly, shut up.

I was appalled that this was happening. I kept waiting for the part where you can moderation.....ANYTHING but this carried on conversation. I tried to say something......

and Kayleen told me that no one wants to hear it..they want to talk about these foods/ was fun and I should lighten up.


I just sat back.

I think that weight watchers missed the boat on the TRAFFIC LIGHT. I would have still used the system....but used the lights ON HOW to proceed...NOT WHAT FOODS were the colors of the lights. Perhaps other meetings did...but this one didn't.

When it was over....Kayleen asked for a hug. Asked if I would start walking with them.
I gave her a hug, but declined the group walk. My immediate thought was after the walk they would go get an ice cream cone.

I instead went to the store since we needed fresh items for the night and next day. I grabbed the small hand held basket.

ff cheese...check.

Oh MY.....look what I came across! one of the END isles......EASTER CANDY! emoticon

With all the selections on eyes immediately caught chocolate covered marshmallow eggs!

Forget about Hedonic was BEYOND that. My mouth watered like Pavlov's dog......I went insane. It was 2 for one dollar. I grabbed TWO of those bad boys.

I must have had some sort of inkling that what I was doing was wrong...because I hid them...HID THEM...under the bag of spinach. Yes...I did.

I looked back at the rest....I wanted more...I almost GRABBED more.....but....some sort of decorum must have over came me, for I realized I had better get out of Dodge while I still could.

I would LOVE to be able to tell you ....that I put them back on the shelf ...or that once home...I put them away......

I would LOVE to be able to tell you that.....


a renewed found FRENZY over came me. I have NEVER eaten in the car......NEVER......but I tore open BOTH eggs...and.....ate them.

Actually...I am not even sure I ate them.....they barely hit my teeth and they were gone.

Once home.......

it hit me.

I sat in disbelief in the garage for the longest time.

What happened?

For 8 straight weeks...I have been following the simply filling tech. I have. I LOVE it. I have NOT missed a single day tracking on etools. That is RARE for me and I have grown to love it. I have not even wanted desire ....was GONE. Yes...I do have an indulgence once a week...PLANNED. I have plenty of weeklies left and my activity points to more than cover that.

I now eat my food VERY slowly. I SAVOR what I am eating.

I have thought ahead for every social situation I have encountered and planned accordingly.

I have had a loss 7 out of the 8 weeks.

In one FLASH.....I ........became a frenzy maniac.......My goodness....I don't even think I tasted those Easter treats.

I know.... I know......

it isn't the end of the world. I have more than enough weeklies and activity points to cover that....moment. I do.

It still horrifies me to no does.

My saving that I tracked the past...I probably would not have.

I still ate my lunch of salad and chicken with one hard boiled egg. I did not lose the rest of the day.......or....take on the attitude I may as well do this or that...and start fresh on Monday type thinking. I continued on ...that very next meal.

Why did I go ......crazy?

I didn't pause to think first. I think the meeting just minutes prior set me up.........In all the spaces and never has it been mentioned that a meeting was a place to conqueror. NEVER.

It is sort of like don't go there to discuss drinks ...bars...and parties. You just don't.

It wasn't the meetings was mine....but......STILL........

So..........this work....I decided to approach my husband about Saturday night. We always have pizza that night.....(allotted for)....and played up to his.....manhood of the GRILL. I complimented his bbq skills and said that since SPRING has SPRUNG....let's GRILL some chicken in lieu of pizza night! His eyes lit up and he agreed. All day long he talked about his grill! LOL!

YES.....I have MORE than enough points for that ....breakdown....but....I felt I had to gain CONTROL back...MY control back.....and this was how I could let go of that FRENZY moment I held.

Was it the meetings fault?

Was the meeting the worse meeting I have ever been at?

It was my fault......

Was it the worse meeting ever?

Perhaps not....unknowningly taught me a valued lesson.

I have learned a lot....I have...and I have applied that time.

What I learned...that....I can fall back......and in such a way...worse than I have ever been ...ever been....but I can bounce back...SINCE I WANT TOO...with the lessons PRIOR to the TRAFFIC LIGHT.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    OK, you've got this! A frenzied moment that left you shocked and dismayed, but you took control back and thought about what you did, not with altogether shame, but with questions... Then you tracked it. It was a slip, but you regained your control and took it back! And, you took it as the moment it was, not a failure, but simply a slip up! I'm impressed. I don't know I have that kind of control yet and yours impresses me! Good for you! Hope the grilled chicken was delightful! So glad your hubby is right on board with you! Thanks for sharing. So much to learn here for all of us! You know, I kinda have this idea that things happen for a reason in our lives and perhaps this meeting was an example of why you have been missing them! Doesn't sound like what you are looking for in WW!
    2482 days ago
    good blog! Well thought out.
    Really could have been the meeting- the fact that you got nothing good out of it.

    2482 days ago
    emoticon I was chuckling about you hiding the eggs under the spinach bag! been there...Done that in other ways like thinking if nobody saw me eat this/that~~then I did not really eat it! right? emoticon

    Sadly....the one and only WW's meeting I have here to attend is *always* like the one you went to this week. emoticon
    2482 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2560890
    It is so great that you took the time to analyze this situation. Was it the meetings fault? Probably not. More so it was the meeting that built up the images in your mind. Appropriate for a WW meeting? NOT. You stumbled a little, but what a great learning experience. I doubt it will ever happen again, as it really shook you and woke you up. Great Job on recovery.

    Gini emoticon
    2483 days ago
    emoticon at regaining control.
    2483 days ago
    Been there done that. I had to laugh about hiding the chocolate under the spinach. I've done the same thing.
    2483 days ago
    I HATE THIS KIND OF MEETINGS. You never know who is watching us and using us as their example. You were so strong to stop where you did instead of going on into a train wreck. You could have done much worse and bought a dozen eggs. But you knew when to stop and that takes inner strength. So the power of suggestion really did go very far with you. A real inspiration to us all.
    2483 days ago
    Maybe you should have been at my meeting after that one. Our topic was "Is this worth it"

    She gave us an assignment know the points plus value of whatever we eat this week.

    Glad you got some knowledge from this meeting.

    Keep on keeping on the way you have been. Grilling sounds great.
    2483 days ago
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