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Still on track & celebrating me

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I am feeling so blessed. The past few months have been a whirlwind. There has been so much happy today, I can hardly stand it. I am celebrating me by sharing my blessings. I hope you do not take it as bragging. I am learning it is ok to celebrate me some times, so while it is a new feeling, it is also a good feeling.

When I joined The Living healthy Iowa Challenge through work, i never imagined we would win (my 72 year old mom & I). I did not even know they had prizes. I just knew I needed something to keep me motivated to continue on my healthy path and I had to have another person to make a team.

Mom was wanting motivation to change also so I added her as my teammate, introduced her to Spark and we got started. I never knew how motivated she could be when she had a goal in mind. Well, she sure showed me, and a lot of others. She is down 38# and 3 dress sizes in 10 weeks.

I "relearned" that there is a direct relationship to how much you lose, how much you move, and how good you can feel. I knew this. I needed a reminder because I was only doing 30 minutes of easy exercise. I am still doing only moderate exercise but now 60-90 minutes, and I am being more consistent with strength training. I am happy with the energy I have now. I still get winded easy but not as fast. I walk faster and definately farther.

I have worn sweats for the past 2 years because of my weight. I bought size 32 jeans but did not like that they were being pulled down in back by my hiney being so big so I never wore them. Today, we get our prizes so I tried on my jeans. Since I am down 71#, I decided to try the size 28 first, 26... nope, 24...FITS !!! OMG, IT fits and I can sit, I can breathe. I am so happy. Talk about NSV. That is anawesome one.

I started my day attending a mindful eating class through work (part of a decrease in insurance rates). I learned more than I thought I would. I had my snack questions answered since I struggle with what is a good for me vs. what sweet do I want. was recommended by the dietician as a very informative site. I will check it out tomorrow.

I had some time before my health coach meeting (also through work), so I went to the mall and walked 45 minutes. Lots of people there and they were all smiling, happy, and EXERCISING. Go figure... another direct relationship.

Health coach meeting went well. My weaknesses are sweets (duh !) and I need to do more ST. I have a plan, I have the support of work, family, and Spark family. How can I fail ? I won't.

This time around, I am doing this for me, not to meet a guy, not to be promoted at work, not to fit in an airplane, and not to keep up with skinny friends. I want health and if that means I will still be overweight by BMI standards, then so be it. I can live with fluffy as long as I can move, breathe easy and still be active and have fun with the rest of my life. So today, I celebrated me and I feel good about it.
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