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Hello SP! Feels good to be back

Thursday, April 10, 2014

So, Hello to the Sparkpeople World again! Oh how I missed you so. Lots has happened since I last was truly a participating member . AUGUST wow wee! Ok Here’s the following update in a nutshell of my MIA.from 2013-present.
June: Graduated my MA program, July : Summer! Vegas weekend trip/mini vacay. August: started my Phlebotomy program finished in September ( I so focused on school and trying to stay on track with eating right and fitting in gym time or power walks on my school/work breaks. I logged in SP sparingly here and there but no consistency. I used the power tools I’ve learned from this community and carried myself independently). Not much stood out in October, besides that fact it was my 5 year anniversary with my love. November was my birthday and this was the start of my holiday binging…Thanksgiving! I had also picked up a seasonal job to help supplement my parents financial hardship. December.. was a hard month…holiday hours got to me I was stressed out with everything by the time January rolled around I was 8 lbs heavier.

Jan 2014: It was the start of a new year; new year’s resolution yaddy yaddy.. I said to myself make practical goals. So I did! I said I want to be proactive. I mentioned to my coworker how I neglected kickboxing and missed it very much and wished I had a buddy. Sure enough she was interested and we signed up again. Luckily, my department at work also wanted to get in shape and eat better so I had a great support system 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I was so happy to get on the right path again. Of course it was hard to stop the binging cold turkey it took a couple of weeks to finally adjust to a better daily food intake and be starving and sabotage myself. I had it in my head.. hey I’m kickboxing killing calories I can still eat what I want… WRONG!! My weight yo-yo I’d lose a pound or 2 only to get it back. To my relief this was the end of balancing 2 jobs and finding time to focus on my weight loss journey.

Feb 2014: Kickboxing is awesome, therapeutic really. I started to slowly incorporate a few treadmill interval walking/running on my off days now that I have free time. My kickboxing gym is about 12 miles from home and my 24 fitness gym is only 1.5 from me so I had no more excuses to slack. My coworker and I then talked about having interests in stepping it up by looking into personal training sessions at the end of the month to help achieve our goals for summer. Sure enough we did it!

Here’s a picture 2 weeks before officially training @ 168:

Mar 2014: Personal training was twice a week with kickboxing as our workout on non-training days. I was great! We had to adjust to a new way of eating. Clean eating. Not a diet diet but a fueling regime to help us build muscles and shred fat. I have to say at first it was very hard but again baby steps lead to strides and results were apparent!

Here’s a picture at the start of training @ 166; 32% body fat.Measurements: 39.25 chest, 39.25 waist, 36.75 hip :

*To to upload file not working

Another progress pic:

APRIL 2014: Official weigh in since starting the training sessions and keeping up with KB classes, running and food regime. 5.5% fat loss

Here I am at 156! 10 lbs pounds down from training and 12 since the start of the year (2 in waist loss)
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