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Strategic carb-cycling and exercise

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I down loaded Shaun Hadsall's 14 day "Macro-Patterning" program. It's based on Wendy Chant's 8 week perpetual diet lifestyle described in "Crack the Fat-Loss Code" and the newer "Conquer the Fat-Loss Code". I think I will follow it once I get over my current eating habits. Shaun's strategic carb-cycling/exercise program is mostly about eating whole foods, but every 7th day is a free day. You can't spurge on a free day, but you get to eat some of your favorite processed foods such as bread, ice cream, piza, pasta, or cake, etc.
There is a You-Tube video www.youtube.com/watch?v=
that describes the science behind Shaun's strategic carb-cycling/exercise program. I purchased Shaun's 14 day program for 27 dollars and he alleges that "Macro-Patterning" is a proprietary Trademark which can only describe his proprietary program, so I use the language strategic carb-cycling/exercise program to make it apply to both Shaun's program and similar programs. Shaun's program is based on the earlier work of Wendy Chant who first use the term "Macro-Patterning" in her books ("Crack the Fat-Loss Code" and "Conquer the Fat-Loss Code". Wendy gave proprietary rights to Shaun who continued to make changes to refine the program. There is not a lot of difference between the programs so the trademark status of "Macro-Patterning" may still apply to Shaun's programs which include the two week program and a "4-Cycle" 8 week program which is repeated perpetually. Changes in the timing of the carb-up, carb-down and "cheat" days are made in the perpetual program both to keep the body from reaching a weight loss plateau and to accommodate special "cheat days" on planned events such as weddings or holidays. He refers to Wendy's 8 week perpetual program as basis for his "4-Cycle" program which makes "Macro-Patterning" a perpetual lifestyle. Shaun's 14 day program is similar to the first two weeks of Wendy's perpetual program, Also, it was recognized by Wendy that the success of the first two weeks of accelerated fat-loss formed a basis for motivating her clients to stay with the "Macro-Patterning" program and that changes in the timing of the carb-up and carb-down days can be made to accommodate "cheat" days on holidays etc. Since Wendy's books are available in used condition, it may not be necessary to purchase Shaun's 4-cycle program or other additions if you purchase the 14 day program.
According to Shaun, www.youtube.com/watch?v=
, you need to train your body to consume fat as the primary source of energy, and the best way to do that without messing up your metabolism is to carb-deplete on alternate days. You can't cut out carbs completely because "when you engage in regular high intensity exercise sessions your body can release more stress hormones (cortisol) and tend to go into a catabolic state. This can cause you to lose precious muscle tissue and slow down your metabolism (aka Metabolic Slowdown). But if you‟re eating more all-natural, impact carbs at the right times you‟ll keep your metabolism humming along and you‟ll prevent muscle loss by maintaining an “anabolic” environment (i.e. anabolism) inside your body". Shaun also gives two other benefits of carbs: 1) "carbs fuel a necessary metabolic process called 'glycolysis', which fuels anaerobic (high intensity activity)", and 2) carbs "replenish glycogen and help reset our fat burning hormones". Interesting and it got my attention.
I think everyone, even a diabetic can use Shaun Hadsall's strategic carb-cycling/exercise program which is a term for having some days be a carb-reduction day and some days be a day of increase carb input in . Even a diabetic needs carbs of some sort. Whole natural foods are the best source, according to Shaun, but if your a healthy lifestyle sparker you already know that. On card-reduction days you cut out all starches and fruits and limit the other carbs you normally take. On other days you consume more carbs, and remember: every 7th day on average is a free day so you can get off your diet for a special occasion as long as you don't spurge.
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