Go Firecrackers!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I've been busy so here's a blog I should've written a week ago!

I'm happy, so happy, to be back into Spark and doing the 5% Challenge. Spark keeps me honest and gives me the motivation I need to stay on track with food and exercise. I track my food everyday (ok, *almost* everyday). This helps keep panic to a minimum because I can track all my meals in the morning and relax, knowing what I will eat, that it's enough food, and that I will be within my target calorie range. I like a plan.
I track my exercise too and that I do so that I can see if I meet my weekly goal. I love putting in those 600 calories I burn everyday (ok, *almost* everyday). I like documentation of effort.
I had stopped doing both of these trackers last summer, thinking I was cured. Gained back all the weight I lost, duh. (So many of you are saying, "Duh.")
The 5% Challenge is a good thing for me because I like competition, I like being part of a team and it gets me log in everyday and poke around and get know the other team members. I plan on being a hugely successful Firecracker!

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