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Thursday, April 10, 2014

I've had a lot on my mind lately, but not in a bad way.

Last year, I had a lot of woes about my long-time job, and considered changing companies after many, many years. We were purchased by a publicly-traded company in London (after being a entrepreneurial venture and then a privately-owned small business) back in 1999. It was an interesting 14 years and the interaction with a parent company and sister companies brought many new dynamics. I like change, and so it was a positive experience. But in recent years, our parent company has just focused on cutting costs in the sluggish economy, and things were really stagnant. They didn't really ever exert a large influence in the day-to-day operations, but the mindset of saving instead of growing the business certainly infiltrated my own boss's attitude. Since she is the president and CEO, the company morale suffered. I work remotely, so it was less stressful for me, but I felt the change and certainly saw the lack of growth and energy.

In early January, I found out that much of last year, my boss had been doing presentations to potential new buyers as our parent company had decided to spin us off. We were a good choice to divest since we had our own brand and they wanted to change the direction of their acquisitions. With 24 hr. notice of all this big news, I attended a meeting with "the finalists" for our new ownership on January 10th, where they "interviewed" me and the other senior manager (who was hired less than a year ago). I really liked the new owners and I loved the idea of the energy of a CHANGE. Then we were on pins and needles for another two months waiting for the sale to go through - in acquisitions like this, things can fall apart at the last minute and at least five law firms were involved! Plus, the five of us "in the know" had to keep it secret - even from my oldest friends and colleagues in the company. The rest of our company didn't get the announcement until three weeks ago, and then the announcement to the outside world was on April 1st. It has been exciting!! We are not sure what all the changes will be but one exciting thing is that we'll be employee-owned, as we'll all receive stock to become an "ESOP" at the end of the year.

I traveled the last two weeks - first to Orlando for a big industry conference where I manned an expo booth with a fairly new employee and taught her the ropes. I got to see a lot of my clients and long-time colleagues from our industry. The following week I was at our HQ as our new owners came again and the rest of the company met them. I got in great exercise, ate healthy and stayed hydrated throughout my travels, which is key to feeling GOOD for me. I did need to catch up on some sleep last weekend though!

For fun, I got a Fitbit right before the Orlando trip. I have mixed feelings about these devices - sort of "it's all how you use them." My own feeling is that it's not a training tool of any sort, but a motivational tool. I reset the default for daily "active minutes" to 60 instead of 30, and connected my device with a small network of runner friends that I met through SP and my 2012 HM, and connections of connections. It's fun to know that they can see if I'm active. Since I telecommute - work all day at a desk job, from home - I need to get almost 100% of my steps from exercise, which is actually great! I know that the Fitbit tracks my steps no matter what, and I could achieve my daily "goal" of steps without actually ever exercising (which is why I call it a motivational rather than training tool), but in my case I can ONLY get my steps by exercising on a normal workday. Since I am competitive, that means I'm happy to get outdoors and move my feet, even if it's late at night or rainy- a trait that had been waning during the lousy winter weather.

That's my latest life story. I haven't seen my grandson since March 14 (the last time I babysat). My DH and DDIL can be a bit odd, so I just go with the flow. They invited us to dinner next Tuesday, so I'll see him then. They send a lot of photos, so here is his two month picture from Monday this week.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What a cutie! That pic made me smile, so thanks for sharing!

    I like my FitBit; but like you said. I've noticed I can get in quite a few steps in the lab without ever reaching cardio levels. That's what I need to do... reach cardio.

    Good luck with your new company. It sounds pretty exciting!
    1498 days ago
    What a sweetie!

    I enjoyed reading about your career happenings as well. It is so very different than my world of work in education.
    1500 days ago
    Jackson! Will be fun for you to see him again. Thanks for sharing the pics. I'm like you and thrive on change. It's a good thing. Glad work is going well.
    1500 days ago
    Sounds exciting! I love my fitbit! Very motivational!
    1501 days ago
    Great attitude about change!
    1502 days ago
    Good to catch with you a bit. Sounds like a crazy but exciting time.

    Adorable pic!!!
    1502 days ago
    Awwww . . . Jackson is so handsome! Glad you'll see him on Tuesday. I know you can't wait!

    As for your venture, I wish you all the best. Change is difficult but you have the right attitude to make it positive.

    HUGS and smiles.
    1502 days ago
  • TERESA159
    You are so lucky to *have* grandchildren! How far away does he live?

    I am happy about your work situation. I had a similar work history, company was small and private and built up huge clientele and karma, then it got sold to a large company, London, and we were the bastard stepchild, so we got sold, again and again and with each sale, a new upper management team along with all new ideas. So we had to go with the flow again and again and watch the good people get canned as each new wave did their cost cutting layoffs. Change can be revitalizing but this was demoralizing. I quit after 13 years from a job I loved because the whole culture had changed and it was all about money not about service or product or customer satisfaction or employee empowerment. So, you are lucky and I hope they recognize and protect the core values that make the place worth what they paid for it.

    Happy to see you blogging!
    1502 days ago
    Sounds like exciting times!
    1502 days ago
    What a cutie! Makes me smile.

    Sounds like career wise you're moving in a positive direction and still able to keep your priorities straight. No small task! WTG!
    I use a pedometer daily, haven't upgraded and not sure I will. I have to download it to my computer and all the extra information has lost it's appeal. But, it's priceless as a daily motivator! I agree, it's a great motivator and helps give me that extra push to keep moving.
    I'm glad you are finding a good balance. Life is good.
    1502 days ago
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