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Dedicating these blisters to my cheekbones...

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Seriously! I have blisters! LOOK! *holds up feet*

So, here is day two of the riverwalk walkies with the boyfriend, and... blisters, what the hell! *lol* But I did it! I figured I'd do halfway and turn back, but nope, I was distracted enough by the nice weather, the good music, and the great company to do the 6 mile walk again.

By the way, I had no idea I could personally track my walk and save it here on SparkPeople. that is quite possibly the coolest thing I've seen all day. I'd say all week but I discovered some pretty freakin' cool stuff I can do with my phone yesterday, so... :D

Anyway, speaking of my phone, the BF showed me how to load my walkies playlist to my phone so I wasn't worrying about my mp3 player losing juice or getting lost. Hell, I was just happy being able to look at at a moment's notice! *lol*

Right now my twitter feed is half me complaining about my achy legs and half me telling myself to shut up and work beeyotch because look at those defined cheekbones in my profile picture. That was two halloweens ago! We want that again! The porcelain skin, piercing eyes, and CHEEKBONES. So we walk. We walk to the end of the riverwalk, and then we return because no one's going to come pick us up; we have no choice by then. *grin* As my stamina builds, I will pause to work out (read: play) on the new ninja toys at the park. On a day when I don't have to be home at any given time, I will continue the riverwalk to where it extends behind the YMCA and see where it goes.

I will also get the tires on my bike reinflated. I will buy a new bike chain (or a case of WD40). I will recommit to the barre workout I bought dumbells and a medicine ball for and gave up after two achy days.

And salad. Seriously, as a child I haaaaaaated salad. But now? Holy cow, I took it to work with me. WTF. I devoured that salad like it was the most delicious thing I'd ever tasted (and I'm a steak girl, so let that tell you what it may).

I will stop my bad skin habits. I'm a lip-picker, I admit. I'm a lip balm addict, so you'd think they'd be in good shape, but the second they get a wee bit rough I'm chewing and rubbing and picking and then my lips look awful. When they're healthy, they're very pretty (and mischevious!) but right now they need work. I don't wear makeup outside of mascara, so I don't need to change my washing routine. Add a moisturizer, maybe? I will remember I have lotion and I will use it... and dig out that cuticle balm. I will use that whole drawer of nail polish that I keep collecting but never bust out.

And of course I'm going to annoy at least two out of my four twitter followers with my aches, pains, and "pull yourself up by the corset strings" peptalking. *lol* I say two out of four because I think the other two are bots. The two are people I actually know, one being my sister. To be honest, she's the only reason I got a Twitter account in the first place. She left FB and it was the only way to keep up with her news. I swear, if it weren't for social networking sites I wouldn't know a damn thing going on in her life... like my niece in the hospital again for an illness. Ugh.

Today's walk had Jonathan promising to not do the jedi-mind-trick with our walking speed like last time. Thank gawd, because this time was somewhat slower than last, and I had to stop a few times to stretch and re-learn to breathe. My asthma causes it to feel like my lungs don't inflate fully at the bottom, and I found myself taking ridiculously deep breaths to prove that yes, they are still working and no, I'm not going to die. We didn't play on the ninja toys because even the thought of trying it left me wanting to fall to the mud and napping it out. I'm hoping that after a week of consistent walking I'll be energetic to play on the workout stations. Just the beginners stuff, though. Don't want to over-do it. *grin*

About the mind-trick... I never explained it fully in my last entry, so here goes. Jonathan is a Marine, and he used to do the same thing to the Marines of which he was in charge. They'd start out at one pace, and after a mile or so he'd start picking up his pace, and they'd unconsciously match him to keep up. He'd keep doing this, assuring them that they were keeping proper time whenever anyone questioned the speed. It was subtle, sneaky, and it worked every time. (BTW, Jonathan's always been a runner. He was in cross-country in high school and placed at a state competition.) He tried the same technique on me, only with walking, and i managed to keep pace until about 3/4 of the way back to the apartment when my energy started to flag.

I'm still laughing about it.

He said that when I've got my land legs under me (in other words, when a 6 mile walk doesn't wear me to the bone) he'll start training me to run. He says if he can train his mom to run, I'll be a breeze. *lol*

So... here's to discernable cheekbones, to new cinches on belts, to looser jeans, and respectible stamina. Cheers.
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    Your blog was a hoot and your walk was amazing.
    1839 days ago
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