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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

I had a fairly decent day yesterday...It still had a few bumps and a few "oh, I really didn't need to eat that right now" moments, but it was definitely better than what it has been, so that's the victory for yesterday!!

Today I had a pretty good realization that I'm probably not doing myself any favors by not taking in an energy gel before jumping on the treadmill for harder workouts. Last week during a tempo workout I petered out midway through, and again today. I just didn't have the energy (or perhaps it is the mental fortitude...or a combo of both!! HA!) to keep going through the entire interval. Today it was 10 minutes at threshold pace, immediately followed by 3 minutes at 10k pace and then 2 minutes of recovery for two times total. I was able to make it through the first bunch with a little mental pushing, but during the second threshold interval I just sputtered and ended up walking for a few minutes. I did finish strong, but I really would have been happier if I had hit my targets the entire time.

Then I was driving to work and listening to the Another Mother Runner Podcast (I absolutely, love, love, love this podcast!!!!!!! Sarah and Dimity are just amazing...and lest you think you have to be a "mother" to appreciate it, you most certainly do NOT!) and they were interviewing a gal that works for GU Energy Labs. And the light bulb went off...if I'm going to be asking my body to do progressively harder and/or longer workouts in the mornings, if I don't give it something to burn it probably is going to continue to peter out. D'OH!!!

I've been able to get by all this time because, honestly, I was never pushing all that hard. I would have hard(ish) workouts, but even then most of the time I would cop out before it was over or if I did push through it would leave me feeling completely depleted. I'm probably basically spending the little bit of energy that is stored in my muscles within the first interval and then have nothing but fumes left for each consecutive interval...which explains why I keep petering out!!!!

Seriously, I can't believe it took me this long to make that realization.

So I'm going to start making sure I'm taking in some kind of energy gel before starting a hard workout from here on out and see how that goes...I'm hoping that with proper fueling I can push past the mental blocks of wanting to quit!!

So those of you that workout in the morning, do you eat something before you get started? If yes, what do you eat and does it depend on the type of activity/workout you are doing?
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    Congrats on your successes yesterday! I had a 'wake up call' this morning when I saw the scale shows me 3 pounds heavier than I was 5 days ago! Ugh! I have to start eating right!!! So, let's do this together! I'm tracking today. Are you? emoticon

    As far as pre-workout food... yes, I always eat before working out. What? It depends on what I'm doing. Right now with my videos & burning about 300 calories, I've been eating a bowl of cereal and some milk. If I was doing a 3-4 mile run, I'd probably do PB&J toast & milk. If I was doing a 2 hour bike ride, I'd eat that plus a banana a couple of hours before and then maybe a nutrition bar 30 minutes before hand... and eat during, too.

    I hope you figure out what works for you! Yes, we need to fuel our body for those workouts. And, food is fuel! I need to remember that... it isn't my comfort. I need to figure out something else to soothe me and start treating food, & myself, right!

    Best wishes for a great day!
    1508 days ago
    I listened to that same podcast yesterday and resolved to do better at fueling too even though I'm not quite to the same level you are...yet. :) Definitely one I'd like to listen to again. Lots of great information!
    1509 days ago
    I try to remember to throw a banana and maybe some toast down my mouth-hole before a long run. I actually hadn't thought about the shorter, hard workouts, though. I was disappointed in my performance at spin class the other morning, and I wonder if a fruit squeezer before class might not help me get a little extra kick (this clean eating thing I'm doing means no gu for right now, which is so sad - but I'm finding alternatives).
    1509 days ago
    For my long runs, I've been eating an hour ahead of time.. maybe little longer.. been having whole wheat PBJ!! I've been reading how the fat might not be a good addition to the breakfast before those long long runs, but I'm afraid to change it now!
    I was just reading about marathon fueling and they recommended a Gu before the start! I'm going to try it out this Saturday for my 20 mile run.. I think it will help me avoid a crash.. I've been fueling every 50-60 mins.
    would a banana work for you before your morning run? Guess the gu is about the same, I guess I didn't want to pay that much for fuel for all the training I was doing.
    I was also using homemade gel, with honey, dates (blended) lemon juice. I got a little 'gel flask' Hammer brand from REI for $2.. and I can take smaller amounts of fuel at a time that way..
    Your workout sounds tough! but great conditioning! Keep up the hard work!

    1509 days ago
    Wishing you good luck! Hope it works for you.
    1509 days ago
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