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holy shrinking shanna!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

i can't believe i'm finally succeeding at this! i left the 240's far behind, never going to see that number again! i rushed through the 230's and now i'm going to quickly make my way through the 220's. that's right! i did it, i made it to the 220's at my weigh in last week. i have onderland in my sights.

i'm so proud of myself!
i've lost 15 pounds in 5 weeks.
i'm swimming in my work pants
my appetite, cravings and eating habits are all under control.
i lost 5% in 4 weeks.

i had a rough week last week and my self-sabotaging tendencies kept creeping up. i tried fighting them, but there were times when i just had to give in. hello, cadbury mini eggs! i was hoping for a slight loss during my weigh-in, or maintaining from the week before, i was very worried. i lost 3 lbs! omg! i nearly cried. i'm strong than i thought i was! i didn't ruin all my good work with a couple moments of weakness.

i had to buy new underwear and thought, hmmm, i wonder if the large will fit okay. yes! i can't believe it! now it's time to slowly replace my work clothes. these pants are seriously falling down my hips when i walk. every day clothes can wait because some of my older clothes are actually starting to fit. woo hoo!

i have to remember to do my measurements for the month. those should be pretty good. i am worried because i went to a big bbq on saturday. i wish i had thought to bring my own meat. but i thought, hot dogs and hamburgers will be ok. i didn't want to be too snobby or anything. oh man, there was only hot dogs being cooked and they were HUGE! think the big 1/4 pounders from 7-11. but i'm not going to let real life get to me. i'll take it in stride, i'll work out this week and watch what i eat the rest of the days. i can do this!
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