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Monday, April 07, 2014

What has happened to people in America? What is with this obsession over food?
I don't mean just thinking about it, but also the guarantee that Americans will continue to obsess over food 24/7. Listen, people, all that weighing and measuring, all that calorie counting, all that fat grams and carbohydrate vs sugar grams silliness, all that starvation so that all we can think about while we're starving ourselves is food.
When you think of food, a great meal, what comes to mind? A fresh, whole-food meal that's naturally low in fat yet fills you up and makes you happy? Or (probably more likely, right?) is it the one-pound burger at Ruby Tuesday's with cheese, bacon, avocado, onion rings, and a side of french fries with a soda? Or perhaps a slice of Cheesecake Factory white chocolate raspberry cheesecaks?
Did all that make you start drooling just now?

What if all that food was actually poisoning you? Would you still eat it? If that food was what caused your overweight, your diabetes, your heart disease, your gallstones, kidney stones, your colorectal cancer, your breast cancer, your lupus, your rheumatoid arthritis, even your fibromyalgia... would you still eat it? Of COURSE you would. Yes, I said you would.

I eat a whole food, plant based, ultra low fat, high carb, low protein diet, and I'm happy with what I'm eating, because I don't have to obsess over it at all. I don't worry about how many calories I'm consuming. I don't worry about grams of fat. I don't worry about how much I'm eating. All I limit is how much fruit I eat each day, that's it.
I exercise, which is the other part of my diet.
It's the simplest formula ever for losing weight and regaining optimal health free of disease, cancer, and the daily challenges most people face with bad breath, body odor, greasy skin and hair, and so on.
It's not magic. It's not overnight. It's not easy. It takes planning, preparing, retraining how we think about food and about life. What it doesn't take is buying supplements, protein powder, pills, drinks, boxed food, memberships in clubs or groups, and it sure doesn't take buying any animal products. The country complains about the cost of medical care these days. Well, guess what, as long as Americans choose to be fat and sick and live on a diet of medications and surgery and disability, medical care is going to continue to skyrocket. I was almost part of that vicious circle, but I finally learned better.
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    Vicki, you're right, I DO sound preachy don't I? emoticon

    Mostly it's frustration that it took me so long to figure this all out, and I had to get sick to do it, and even then it wasn't an overnight process.
    Every doctor I ever saw who told me to lose weight said the same thing over and over - eat less, exercise more. All the health suggestions were get plenty of protein, eat healthy fats, limit the potatoes, eat lots of veggies, etc, the same as everyone else.
    All that ever accomplished is that I felt like a big fat failure. I felt like there was something seriously wrong with me because I couldn't control my food, it was controlling me.
    I want so much that not one more person has to go through that garbage ever again. Now when I see someone who is struggling with health issues, I send a little prayer to the universe to help that person find Dr. McDougall. A lot of people will skoff. I did. I figured, I will never give up my cheese, and look where that got me. I know we all have our own journey, our own path, and whatever we are to learn, we each can't take a shortcut. But I'll still keep trying to provide that shortcut.

    1813 days ago
  • no profile photo COMPCHIC52
    I count calories have to . I worry about carbs, fat, cholesterol sodium this is all working for me. I try to stay away from fat as much as I can. carbs I eat more of. I get to little protein not that I want little protein just what I eat does not have enough. what I am doing works for me though. you have to remember you are a runner. runners need a lot of carbs to keep it up. some of us are not runners some of us only work out 2 or 3 days a week. I work out 2 or 3 days a week this is why I also keep my cals in check. I think I do great I am not hungry and eat what I want.
    I am so happy that you found what works for you that is way super. keep on keeping on. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1813 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/7/2014 7:05:48 PM
  • no profile photo VICKI-B-N-FLA
    I agree that a plant based diet plan is the healthiest, and it's something I work on.
    But a lot of people would say you're preaching to them, pushing them to do your plan no matter what, and some would get angry about it.
    I don't happen to be one of those people. I can understand you've found something that works great for you and you want to share what you know about it and get more people involved with their own health. But we all go at our own pace and have to come to that aha moment in our own time.
    Remember Susan Powter? She is very big on a plant based food plan. I love here books. Just wish I had her energy. emoticon
    Thank you for keeping me going strong with my own food plan. Little by little I'll get to the McDogall plan. I know it works. I'm just not quite where I need to be to follow it completely. emoticon
    1813 days ago
    i should of been dead long ago.
    1813 days ago
    1813 days ago
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