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Monday, April 07, 2014

April 7, 2014

I'm making a new start today, with a fresh commitment to a healthy lifestyle. I really think this time will be different (i.e., that I'll stick with it, and not give up after a few days). I feel a lot more committed this time. This time I feel like I *really want* to get back in shape and lose those 20 lbs.

I think in the recent past when I started a new 'commitment' to lose weight on various occasions, I wasn't really 'committed'. I didn't have a long-term plan, for one thing. After a couple of days, I would just come home from work, do things at home for a while until I was really hungry, and then (of course) end up going for something that was quick and easy. Because ... I hadn't planned properly! I think that PLANNING and TRACKING will be two keys to success. Planning will involve having healthy food options in the pantry / fridge, and planning ahead of time what I'm going to have for meals and healthy snacks. No more "whatever I feel like, when I'm already way too hungry". That's setting myself up for failure.

Also, with spring having arrived, it will be easier to get out for walks after work. I know that exercise is key to getting fit, and I want to be disciplined to get out the door for a walk even when I don't feel like it. And I know from past experience that once I get out there I'll feel better for it and will be glad I made that choice!

Drinking lots of water and beverages like herbal tea is another part of my commitment.

I'm also going to read the book, "Retrain Your Brain, Reshape Your Body", written by Georgia D. Andrianopoulos, Ph.D. According to the write-up on the cover, the author addresses the common way in which our brain seeks to balance out stress we encounter in life with something that will make us feel better -- food -- and offers a program to help the reader rebalance and retrain the brain to eliminate food cravings that cause overeating. I think that addressing this psychological part of overeating / eating the wrong foods is really important for me, as I typically overeat / eat unhealthy foods not due to hunger, but due to cravings, boredom, etc.

So .... April 7, 2014 .... starting .... NOW !!!!!

Join me on this journey??? emoticon emoticon

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