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Monday, April 07, 2014

"What Will It Take?"

If you continue to struggle with following through on your goals, try breaking them down into smaller and smaller actions until you run out of excuses for not doing your plan. Start by creating an action step, then ask yourself, “What will it take to make that happen?” Once you figure this out, use your answer to spell out a new intention.
Each time you identify another action, ask yourself, “What will it take to make that happen?”

Do this again and again until you reach an action you can’t escape, no matter what. Label this final action as a now goal. Then get up from your chair and do it. By the way, as a shortcut, you can abbreviate “what will it take?” with the letters WWT.

Here’s an example on how to remember to bring your walking shoes to work. Remember that each time you ask the question, your answer becomes your next intention. What is my intention? Bring gym shoes to work. WWT? Put them in the car when I get home. What is my intention? Put shoes in the car this evening. WWT? Stick a note on my briefcase to remind myself. What is my intention? Write a note to remind myself. WWT? Do it right now.

Setting intentions works for everything from tiny goals such as taking a walk, to plans such as training to participate in a race. Just keep breaking your intentions into small steps that you can accomplish easily. With each new goal, ask yourself, “What will that take?” Then create an action plan for the next part of your goals.

-Write down a goal or activity you want to accomplish.
-Create an action step by asking yourself, “What will that take?” (WWT) Repeat this sequence four or five times in the space below until you have an immediate action step. Then go do it.
-Write some notes about how this worked for you.

Today the weather was so nice and warm, even in the evening. I walked an hour outside but just in my neighborhood and surrounding areas since it was dark and I got in a good amount of exercise doing that. I also did elliptical, yoga and a cardio video. This week it is going to be quite nice and warm so I will be back on my walking game here. I'll still be doing my other exercise as well. I just have realised walking is the best medicine for my feeling optimal.

I have been so busy with work and home life its been difficult to get to my relaxing activities but I knew I would be occupied for a few weeks here. I transferred my organizer to online and made that a written journal instead. I will go back to a Moleskine organiser next year. I could pick up one for the rest of this year at a discount but I'm not in the mood really. I'll just keep at in online and be satisfied with that idea. I've been writing like a mad woman lately. I have seemed to gotten a lot of inspiration and idea and I am working on a story right now that occupies my time when I am not tending to work, family or my physical needs (translation=exercise)

Happy Monday, be strong safe and well~

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