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MARCH Goals and Moving Spring!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

My March goals were : Consistency! // My March Report Card : B+ ;0)
1) Track and on track with food - Eat well balanced meals within calorie range... allow for an occasional treat - tracked! // I am proud to say that I was able to resist "the binge"… Had a few episodes with treats and over calories but I am feeling ok with that!
2) Drink my water... When feeling hungry - drink first! // I am doing A++ on this one… drinking more than 64oz per day
3) Follow my training plan - motivation is lacking but sticking to the plan will ensure I can reach my long term goal =Ottawa Marathon in May (4X/week running; yoga and ST) //did not run 4X per week - the weather here was brutal and I had to switch some of my runs for cross training. I did all my long runs - outside with hills!!! Yoga was GREAT and physiotherapy is helping. I am on the good track for the championship.
4) Sleep - That is my BIG challenge... I need to work on getting 5 hrs per night // I am not sleeping well because of work-stress. I have a few days off coming in April and May, that should help.
5) Be positive! - I did not write a blog in two months, my mind was tired! I will get back at it, it is a fantastic tool to cultivate positive memories… // If you are reading, you know I am back… and I like it!

Distance Report:
I tracked 230k / 144 miles in March. (Compared to last year I am doing much better! March 2013: 172k/ 107.5 miles)
Total 2014 distance : 555.5k / 347 miles.

April GOALS: REST it and GO GO GO the Distance!
1) Food - On track with healthy treats (including chocolate! )
2) Water 64oz or more + cut on coffee
3) No cheating on training … Marathon is coming!
4) Sleep - get the zzz 5hours per night
5) more :0) … me-care and quality time with Maggie (it is hard to really "connect" with my 16yo at times!)

April Distance Goal: Let's say 200k / 125 miles

I completed Week 10 marathon training with a 28k (17.5 miles) in 2 hours 21 minutes Saturday morning.

From Sunday morning (30 March) - Wednesday (2 Apr) , I did not train. I had planned to train at the hotel in Columbus but the hotel had no gym on the premise. Because I wanted to spend as much time off as I could with my DH, I took the time to rest, ... active rest because we walked a lot: more than 21,000 steps per day tracked on my fitbit and 50-70 floors climbed!

Wednesday was a travel day from Columbus to Saint-Augustine (FL) where I am spending a few days with my mom… and catching up on training. Let's say I am doing a compressed week 11!

Thursday: I ran 10k (48 min) on SR A1A… came back to the RV campground and did 30 min yoga on the dock looking at the water… After breakfast, my mom and I went for a long walk on the beach. We tracked 14km… (No floors - it is very flat here!)

We also took a fun picture for the April Picture a Day challenge! This one was for Negative Space - I like the contrast of colors... and I think the theme should have been positive space!

Friday: 8k Beach run - 38 min… (not bad at all for a beach run!!! An old gentlemen walking on the beach even noticed and, as I passed him saying hello, he commented "nice pace!' My last km was on the road - and it felt really easy. I did it in 4min 26 sec) I am feeling better - I think getting more than 5 hours of sleep/night helps! I can't remember when was the last time I slept like this! Again, it was followed by yoga and breakfast. In the afternoon, I went downtown Saint-Augustine (5k walk)…

Let's say I don't miss the snow!

Saturday - today: Rest - Just walk on the beach and yoga.
I also did the recce (on a motorcycle with Ken, my step-father) for my training route tomorrow - 30km. I thought it was long! Thank you Ken for supporting me... Cheers the Happy Hour tonight...
...and go for it tomorrow... Ken is my personal support - "following" on bike (I will need water and bars!)... and my mom will have breakfast ready for us... I am spoiled!

Wish me luck!

P.S. Sorry about the multiple entries on my status - internet connection is really bad here... so I don't have much control over on or many clicks...
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