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apples and oranges......

Friday, April 04, 2014

I have never understood why some people have to put down others in order to feel superior. I don't think they truly understand or realize how they sound when they speak. Perhaps they do...but I prefer to think they do not.

I truly comprehend how personal and touchy one can become when struggling......obtaining a healthy lifestyle. The trick is to find other mind like people as oneself. I love to be around people that are similar to me in my approach...if not stronger. It keeps me on my toes body ....soul...and mind.

I have several friends I follow with their fitness routines.

My good friend Kim goes to the gym every morning before work. I see her status updates on her ....bootcamp...her elliptical....her walking.....and sauna time. I am rather envious of her SAUNA TIME! LOL!

Seriously....I hit like when I see her posts....and I am proud of my friend.

My friend Shannon always posts her workouts with her trainer. I proud of her and hit like.

Do they make me want to join a gym?


BUT...I am PROUD of them all the same. I am HAPPY for them. I know there are days when they wished to NOT go........

What do I do?

I mainly walk.

There...I said it.

I mainly walk. I do some jogging...but truth be known, my miles are for walking.

I like walking and when pool weather arrives...I shall swim to my hearts content.

For strength training, I do it twice a week. Should I add more? Probably, but for is two or nothing. I choose to do the two times. I have it scheduled in....I am committed to those days and times.

Not sure why, but several people have made the comment that walking is not REAL exercise. I get this more than I should I feel.

I have to be makes me defensive......and I should NOT feel this way. I find it odd that the people that make this comment are rather large themselves. Obviously whatever program they are not working. So....why put me down?

To make them feel better about themselves? Do they realize?

I have NEVER compared myself to others. My gym rat friends......they found what is working for them...and should be commended. I would never rain on their parade for working on improving themselves to be fit..and healthy.

Sometimes I fear my steps are low......I average 100 miles per month.....they are walking steps...not biking nor running steps...they are walking at my pace steps.

At our weight watcher meeting a few weeks ago...I member shared that she now stands during commercials instead of sitting down.


That is a step for her. Standing does burn more calories than sitting. By standing..she is not sitting and perhaps mindless eating. In time, she may add a few marching in place steps as she stands. The point is....she is doing what she can ...and what she is ready for. Who am I to judge her? Who are you to judge her? Good for her.
tivity .....are a lot like fruit. Apples and oranges are in the same category, but differ in benefits...the fact reminds..they are still in the fruit EXERCISE...your preference....your taste.

Are my friends athletes?

NO...not in the purest sense of the word...but they are rockstars.

They are no different than the woman standing during commercials....

We all have to start somewhere .....

we all have to build on that......

and no one has the right to try to tear that down...unless...we let them....I let them.

Apples and oranges my friend.....apples and oranges.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You know my favorite thing to say

    Keep on keeping on!!!!!!
    2481 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14506552
    Thought about this all night, and there is a difference between sharing ideas and/or encouragement from someone assuming and telling us what we ought to do. We are adults, and have the responsibility for what we do. Unless they are a policeman or our boss or hired us to do what they want. I think a lot of people mean well but step over this boundary all the time. The ones I have the most problem with are the ones who do it regularly and/or insist you/me comply when in reality it is not appropriate at all because they are not the boss of us. It is ok to kindly/non-aggressively draw the boundary, and sometimes it can be hard to determine how and if it is worth it. For me, it becomes worth it when/if someone consistently is yanking me. Other people do this all the time, but I was always silent and ate food when I had a reaction. For me, this is partly about learning how to take care of myself. I think it touches on what is the most difficult for me; dealing with difficult people. Thank you for posting the blog. It gave me a lot to think about.
    2482 days ago
  • TANYA602
    Very well said! I'd be crushed it I had heard that because walking is my number one go to, and truthfully, the only two times in my whole life that I felt good (and looked good) were when I was walking like I am now. This morning, DH told me I need to add a pillow to my undies because my butt is flat. WHAT?! I have walking to thank.
    2483 days ago
    Walk on my friend, walk on! Walking is a great exercise and anyone who hasn't huffed and puffed their way thru a mile wouldn't know! Walking is my go to exercise and I do enjoy it and isn't that what really matters? Doing what makes you feel good will keep you moving! I don't understand why some feel it necessary to put others down for doing something healthy! As you said, obviously their program is not working for them! And while standing for commercials may not seem like much to you or I, it means alot to that woman in your WW group! She is accomplishing something she never did before and good for her! Why would anyone ridicule her efforts? People. Great blog! Thanks for sharing.
    2483 days ago
    We all have to find our own way of doing things even if it within a team. Our journeys differ. Never let any one put you on the defense. I learned that I HATE the gym. I am a germophobe and I saw things I did not like. Like people wiping there faces then placing there towels on the workout equipment EWWWWKKK! I never compare me to anyone else. I had to learn that the hard way. Rock it your way. God made us all us different. go and do your YOU and rock those miles. emoticon emoticon . God said we are fearfully and wondrously made. Hey he can not lie. emoticon
    2483 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/5/2014 4:54:10 PM
    Forget the naysayers - do what works for you.
    2483 days ago
    I felt a blush come over my face and then realized I have nothing to be ashamed of. I have on more than one occasion said "Walking is not enough FOR ME" This kinda angered a dear friend of mine. I DID NOT say it was not enough - I said it was not enough FOR ME. So I am glad you went on to say that everyone needs to find something for themselves. I know quite a few that "only walk" - and do quite well manage their health and weight.

    We do need to be less critical of others when they do not meet our expectations or beliefs, regardless of the issue.

    I'd love to be able to call myself a "gym rat", but alas I am not - doesn't make my effort any less - just different.

    You go girl - keep those steps a clicking and do what is best you Mary. No moss growing under your feet.
    2483 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon Blog Mary!!!! I'm also "JUST" a Walker.....but throw a little dancing in on the weekends. emoticon

    I always hear that "Walking is the emoticon form of exercise".....and Let's just keep doing what we like!!!! emoticon emoticon
    2484 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/5/2014 7:45:38 AM
  • MARYBETH4884
    I've lost 145 pounds in less than 2 years doing exactly what you are doing!! Walking will do it!! My theory is just keep moving and eating right!!
    2484 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2560890

    Nice Blog, my friend. I read all the time that to gain any exercise quality from walking it has to be so many minutes at such a speed. I just walk. I can only go for 15 minutes without a walker but when I started I couldn't walk at all without a walker. Have I improved. DUH!!!!! You are so right. This is my journey. You are on your journey, they are the same but oh so different. DOn't let anyone rain on your parade unless they plan to dance in the puddles with you.

    Gini emoticon
    2484 days ago
  • JAMER123
    Thanks for a great blog!! I think walking is the best form of exercise as well. That's my major weight loss program and it has done me exceptionally well..
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2484 days ago
    emoticon emoticon Mary...

    To me walking is the *best* exercise there is...I hate walking on my tredmill but love walking outdoors and cannot wait till I can get back to that again.
    I also love swimming but I am not a * fast lap* swimmer and I call my swimming leisurely....HEY~~I am moving even if it is slowly.

    For me....besides walking and swimming~~ the most *fun* exercise is shoveling snow/clearing snow off the roof/chopping ice off the drive/playing in the snow....then as the season changes I will be raking the yard/mowing the lawn/pulling weeds from the garden/

    Point is....I AM moving when I do all this! Even my housework and the Spring cleaning is exercise to me......and they are fun to me.

    Going to the gym/ walking on my tredmill....are not fun to me and therefore I do not do them much....and there are times I wish I DID like them better ( I have is just a no fun go for me )
    I envy people who love this and love things like zumba and yogas....BUT~~ it is not me either....

    I DO LOVE my Line Dancing and my newest...Scottish Country Dancing~~

    YOU ROCK MARY~~ and walking to me is what you do with vigor and push! emoticon
    2484 days ago
    Mary, I agree with you and I have to often remind myself we are all unique and we are all on our own personal journeys through life. It has taken me many years to get to this stage of my life and I too walk. It is what I like and feel comfortable with at present and it is exercise. I sometimes slip and become negative about what is said behind my back or what is said about others, or even what is happening around me and I have to really notice that and focus to reorient my personality to the positive so that I can continue to grow. Thank you for sharing. As usual, you have great insight.
    2484 days ago
  • MJ7DM33
    Walking really does work! Keep doing what works for you!
    2484 days ago
    Great post! Walking is truly a great exercise and I enjoying walking as well!!
    2484 days ago
    Walking beats sitting on the couch! Studies have shown that a brisk walk is very beneficial. I like to wog...I run a little walk a little run a little walk a little. My sister is practicing to do the MS 150 bike ride (150 mile ride from Houston to Austin) My sister does a ten minute plank. I do a one minute plank. I love bikram yoga, she loves pilates. Is she better than me? No. am I better than her? No. We are just different.

    I am proud of you for getting your steps in. I am proud of you for doing all that you do. You give 100 percent in whatever you do...whether it be working, walking, or taking a nap. That is what counts not what someone else feels counts as exercise.
    2484 days ago
  • MALAMI518
    Mary, I love to run and I love to walk. I hope I never made it sound like I don't think walking is real exercise. I know that sometimes I say that I "just" walked or "only" walked to indicate that my whole workout was walking, not to make it sound like walking was the lesser choice. I will keep my wording in mind for the future. :)

    I agree that walking is terrific exercise! Since walkers spend more time out there per mile, they are definitely working longer, too. Before I discovered running, I spent hours and hours walking, and it definitely brought me great strides (no pun intended...well, maybe a little bit intended) in my fitness.

    2484 days ago
  • -SEVEN-
    Everyone is different- that's the beauty. You too are a rockstar. emoticon
    2484 days ago
    WONDERFUL! You made valued points and I hope everyone sees this and thinks twice before speaking! I also want to say THANK YOU for mentioning me...I wish you were in the sauna so we could be chatting it up! YOU MY FRIEND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ON WALKING and WEIGHTS!
    2484 days ago
    Thanks mary I love that I am becoming a gym rat. I feel bad when I can not get there lol but sometimes life gets in the way. This week will be challenging for me since the kids are home on spring break. Have a great weekend and walking works no matter what others think.

    2484 days ago
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