I'm a grandma!

Friday, April 04, 2014

Ok not really. LOL

My German Shepherd had puppies!!! Boy oh boy. some of the peeps on my facebook page didn't like it. Ok I get that there are lots of dogs that need homes, but that doesn't mean I should have to fix mine. We take care of all of our dogs, and when the pups are big enough we will make sure they go to good homes.
Here is an adorable picture of them..

IF I was looking right, there are 6 girls and one little boy!!

Ok enough about my poochies...

Food wise, I've been doing good. I had to buy a new scale today and sadly it weighs a couple of pounds heavier than the last one I was using but that's ok.

Still cant get myself motivated to exercise much. I am on day 11 of being binge free so I'm feeling pretty good about that. When you go from eating 5000 plus calories a day down to 1200-1300, your body can tell a big difference. I feel like I'm starving lol. I know that I'm not though. :)

I hope you guys are doing wonderful, I'm going to try to read some blogs today if my internet will cooperate.

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