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Friday, April 04, 2014

I wouldn't say I've been avoiding SparkPeople but I have definitely cut down on interaction and logging in due to avoiding my latest update. I found out three and a half weeks ago that I'm pregnant. I was waiting for week 12-13 to say it but I feel like it's affecting my overall wellness to not share. So at two days until 9 weeks I am sharing on here that I am indeed expecting a little one:)

I'm having morning sickness, aversions to veggies and other foods I eat on a regular basis and craving mostly carbs which while not bad to have that be all I want and then in turn it makes me feel sickish and sluggish it makes things hard. And then I come to wanting to state my normal day or how I'm feeling and I'm like well I can't because then it gives it away or appears that something else is wrong with me. This site is all about health and being fit and healthy while pregnant is something I'm wanting to take very seriously.

I can tell my eating has already affected my body. I make myself eat veggies because it makes me feel better and I know it's good for me and baby but it's hard to stomach it initially. I know I'll get past that which makes me happy. I hope I get past wanting bagels, pasta, etc etc when I am hungry. And I'm still impatiently waiting for the weather to be nice enough to take up walking and running outside again. I'm beyond frustrated with this years winter...here it is April and I can't run outside..excuse my language but WTF mother nature. I think it'd help my mood swings on top of being good for me;P

So that's my big news which will change how I do things on here. I've maintained my weight for a year now. Now my new goal is to maintain healthy weight gain and to try to get back to my prepregnancy body as soon as I healthily can once the baby is born. I'm happy to be able to chronicle this next journey in my life on here.

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