CELTA and the rest of my life

Friday, April 04, 2014

I have finished my CELTA course and am now a Cambridge English accredited English Language teacher and have been invited by my college to stay on and teach a regular weekly conversation class. Of course, it's completely voluntary but it's all good experience in readiness for my move to Malaysia later this year.

So what's next?

- Well, I am taking up learning Malay again (it's a stop/start thing!)
- I shall carry on with English teaching Cambridge CPD (continuing professional development)
- I have 1001 jobs to do on the house and garden that have been neglected over the winter and while I have been training
- I want to gain some private EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students
- I'm going back to the gym, starting this weekend. Of course it will be a little like going back to square one because my teacher training course was intensive (3-4 times a week, on top of my full time job as an accountant!) so I was unable to go to the gym since Christmas. I shall no doubt need a revised fitness assessment and training programme.

Well, training is over, the sun is here, summer is nearly here and life is so good. Somebody recently asked me if I was well. I'm always well and always happy; it's a state of mind, much like being at peace with yourself, and I just couldn't be more so.

Welcome back to me! Big 'Hello!' to you all, after having been away for so long.

Lots of love

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