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An awesome run and decrapifying-part 2

Friday, April 04, 2014

I had such an awesome run this morning! I’ve been seriously struggling lately. First with a back that liked to go into spasms. Then some heel pain that I thought might be plantar fasciitis. Then a stiff back and hips caused me to go slower than slow and brought back some of the spasms. It wasn’t a fun stretch. But, lots of stretching, yoga and, I think, squats, are bringing things back into line and I had a thoroughly enjoyable run this a.m. with nary a twinge.

All of that seems oh, so long ago. Remember yesterday’s decrapifying post? We took it to heart today. Oh. My. That junky area had HUGE improvements made on it until a friend messaged…a woman she knows mother had passed away and they were cleaning out the apartment. The woman had a day bed WITH the trundle and mattresses that had only been used once in the guestroom. Our friend wondered if we could use it. WELL, oh boy could we. Son had a rather great bed with TONS of storage underneath, but it had several problems. It was so HUGE that you couldn’t move it, where it was is where it stayed. In addition, it was getting rickety, it was a hand me down and had lived through one boy’s use already, meeting our boy brought it close to death. The final and biggest problem for me was all that storage was just a big junk pile my son kept adding to on a daily basis. My junky living room area was ditched to clean and organize son’s space with the arrival of the new bed.

I don’t think I’d realized how dirty son’s room had gotten and the project was bigger than expected, but at this moment all three are sleeping soundly in son’s room. Son on his bed, the girls on the trundle. Son REALLY took to heart the decrapifying mantra. He tossed TONS of stuff. He is a Lego fanatic and everything Lego got to stay. Almost everything else got the boot. Some other choice toys made the cut, but there were bags and bags of things leaving for good. Grocery bags, not garbage, but still impressive.

We got his book shelves reorganized, his bed replaced and made, his best Legos on display and most of the floor uncovered and vacuumed. Unfortunately, I found about 4 loads of laundry, but oh well…that too shall get done eventually. It is now quite late at night and I’m sad I didn’t finish the area I set out to do, but I am VERY pleased with the progress in son’s room. Tomorrow, finish up the job and make a breeze through of the girls’ room, which hopefully only needs a quick pick up and vacuuming. Then back to the junky area for more decrapifying (which, really is almost done). We got rid of a horrible big old chair that only collected junk. We got rid of 3 grocery bags of clothes and 1 of books for Salvation Army. Son’s room has tons more room now than it did before and we tomorrow my “down time” will be spent cleaning and organizing the toys son is getting rid of. Those are going to youngest’s teacher.

It’s really quite clever what she does. Every morning the kids get 2 “dollars” (specially minted with teacher’s picture). If the child went above and beyond the day before they get an extra dollar. Above and beyond on bad days is simply being the one who is doing what is expected. On good days it means helping out a friend or being an example to the others. There are lots of ways to go “above and beyond” for that extra dollar. If the child doesn’t budget their time wisely and needs a drink or to use the bathroom DURING class time they have to pay a dollar to do so. Most kids have learned to use their recess time wisely, others gladly pay the fee. Just before Christmas break and just before school dismisses she has a “store”. She brings in items she’s collected over the term and offers them for sale. The currency is her classroom dollars. Some things she buys when there are sales, others she grabs on clearance and many others are simply donated items, a la garage sale. The kids LOVED the store at Christmas. Son’s items…those still in better than average shape…are going to the donation for the store. Now, to get the girls to decrapify a bit too and donate just a tad more!

It’s been a productive day and I’m excited to get back to it tomorrow and keep purging. Somewhere in there I’ll have to fit in a workout, but I’ll manage somehow.
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