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Committing and sticking with it....

Thursday, April 03, 2014

This is a 'mostly for me' blog...

Funnily enough, this new workout program will be a big change for me and represents more than it might seem on the surface....I've done variations of the same-ole-same-ole for quite a few years now....ok....I'll be honest....aside from a few, short side trips into 'adding ST' to my endless treadmill intervals, my fitness routine has not changed since 2010 emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

It's no wonder I've often struggled with motivation....

To my defense, I understand the reasons why I have either resisted or not sought out change, and I forgive myself for them. Suffice to say that when everything else around me is uncertain, I'm much like an old horse that prefers to walk in the same, worn circle than to look for a fresh field to gallop across...There has also been such severe financial pressure for the past few years that saying 'no' to myself for almost everything has become second nature....and that grinds a gal down...a lot. I even say 'no' to things that are free that might bring me joy....white knuckling and hanging on for dear life.....

So I was thinking today...after I did my first, completely enjoyable DB workout (which I had mentally decided to postpone until next week...see the pattern?)....I was thinking that I needed to put it out there that I am committing to doing something different, and that I will stick with it. I will do this for the month (which will give me time for it to become a new habit, and to see some results). I will not quit.

It is important that I not quit...it is important that I send myself the message that my life is becoming more sure, certain and safe....that it is okay to start looking for fields to gallop across. That it is okay to get excited about the future, and trust that the stability that appears to be settling into place is real and lasting. It is okay and in fact necessary to stop saying 'no' and practice saying 'yes'. A lot. Daily.


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