So principal called back

Thursday, April 03, 2014

I told him I knew nothing of a meeting this morning and looked on my phone history to see if a phone call had been made from them since last friday and guess what? mysteriously nooooooooooooooooo history of them calling! big surprise!
I said you know I wouldn't of blown that meeting off since I'm the one who requested it and another thing my son was out of school today (let me just say I'm saying all this in a calm voice) he says yes I know. I said well he didn't go to school because they bully isn't keeping his mouth closed and is telling everyone we're suing them and got the police after him and some kid came up to my son at lunch and told him to leave the table that he couldn't believe he was doing this to him and said to the other kids you believe he got the cops after him and he's suing him!
Principal says well why didn't your son report it to someone? I said because he doesn't trust anyone in that school to go report anything to now, I said it's pretty bad when he doesn't feel comfortable going to anyone.
He says so your mad at me cause your son didn't report it? I said no I'm telling you my son is sick as a dog here, not eating, sleeping and in the fetal position because his stomach is killing him from his nerves that's what I'm telling you.
He says well what do you want me to do? I said well you know the magistrate told this kid to keep his mouth shut, not to get any of his friends after my son and you told him to keep quiet and he's not listening to anyone and in the meantime my son is in a very unhealthy environment not just suffering emotionally but physical pain when you can't even move cause your stomach is in that much pain.
So guess what???????? in the mornig we all have to go in because he said well I'll talk to Peter in the morning I said not without us you won't so I guess we'll all be paying you a visit.
all my son ate today was a chicken leg and a small bag of popcorn that's it....
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    Will be thinking of you and praying for a good outcome!
    So sorry you have to continue with this mess and your son has to suffer!
    I can not believe this is how they choose to deal with this!
    Any word on meeting with the political person?
    Take care!
    1542 days ago
    This has been going on for some time. I hope it gets taken care of soon for your son's sake.
    1543 days ago
  • EILEEN828
    I hope that your son's upset stomach is only the product of stress. Make sure he eats well rounded meals, even if it's only a few bites. Make sure he's drinking water. A multivitamin would be helpful now too. Good luck with your meeting.
    1544 days ago
    I'm in your corner, keep up the good work. I'm sorry this is happening to him. 2 yrs ago the same thing happened to my family. I kept detailed records, got names of witnesses, etc. Take a tape recorder with you to the meeting!!!! Make it a hidden tape recorder and don't let them know you have it on.

    2 yrs later we have permanent, lifetime restraining orders against the kid who bullied my son, AND his father. His father started stalking me... he didn't know he was messin' with an Iowa farm girl.

    Whatever you do, don't give up. Keep hammering away until it stops.
    1544 days ago
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