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Perfection is pointless

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

I amaze myself. Often in bad ways. Have uppped my workouts and limited intake but in my quest to 'lool like' I belong in first class on the airplane, went into an ordering frenzy determined to try out every high end foundation, etc., I'd ever wanted to (But being stuck in the sticks and with housebound mom, can't go play with in person). I ordered EVERYTHING (and just guessed at the shades, bad idea) and in a fit of temper over Loreal Voluminous seeming to change it's formula...ordered every high and low end mascara I've ever heard of. (Hint: Benefit's' Better then Sex' mascara..isn't. Unless you are doing it wrong. ;) Maybe it's my eyelashes changing but a quick coat or two of Voluminous USED to make mine look like false eyelashes, thick and long. None of these cheap or high end even come close. WHY Loreal? WHY did you have to change! I loved you! lol

Fast forward to 2 days ago. After trying on every combo of primer/foundation I could and washing my face to change it frequently for m ore then a week straight, I suggested also to my husband he try the Neutrogene home microdermabrasion I'd read about, after he mentioned he'd like to have that done somday. Of course, I used it. (Why wouldn't I?) Then mixed up my own Vitamin C serum I'd seen on youtube and slathered up with that. That day I had also changed to a 'lean shake' protein mix from GNC, eaten newly purchased strawberries that looked like htey had been grown at a nuclear power plant, started an acai 'master cleanse' mix weird drink from GNC also...and something else I can't remember that was new for that day. Woke up the next morning looking like I had a severe case of the measles!!! SO much for looking real 'classy' next week for the flight! I"ll be lucky if they let me onboard! Probably think I have the plague! I can't begin to guess which change (or combo of) could have triggered it. (all of the above no doubt).

That also derailed me from working out as I wasn't sure if that would irritate my skin further (part way through the day it started to itch and I had to keep rewashing it). So I think I blew my chance at dropping some pounds in a stupid attempt to capture some 'high end' look to fly away on vacation!!?? HUH??? Dumb,, dumb, dumb. Trying to impress people is a one way street to a karmic beyotch slap.
SO.....alll of my consumer orgy spending resulted in looking the worst I"ve ever looked.

Now I get to pack up and return all this stuff and it is DEPRESSING!!! Should never have gone down that rabbit hole!

And I was magically drawn to a pair of earrings by Alexis Bittar that I didn't even like until I tried them on, they are lucite but they appeared to be 'glowing' when I tried them on.....and now all I can see in them is a ladies va-jay-jay. lol

So errr..what was my point? Oh! Appreciate what you have and don't go chasing after perfection, because it's all a big CON to get yo' money. My face and skin were actually perfectly fine and NOW I look like THIS! lol Ah well...never mind. As long as Hawaii doesn't get washed away in the tusnami from Chili...I am OUTTA here! :)
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  • GENRE009
    I remember taking some kind of cough -immune combination for airplane flying. When I got off the plan, my lips were swollen & bleeding. And that stuff lowered my immune system, and I got sick. So much for progress. I miss that L'Oreal mascara too, the one that put the white stuff on one end, and mascara on the other. it was the best. It's mostly the drug stores fault. CVS carries them but only in the blackest of black. they have substituted other brands that are all garbage. I have tried some of those prescription mascaras to help grow lashes, but so far it's a waste. Some are up wards of $100.00 each. I hope you enjoy Hawaii. I have been waiting for that one, all my life. But the sun does scare me out that way. I didn't know that even if it doesn't feel very hot, it can fry you to the point where you will have to go into a hospital.
    1844 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/3/2014 11:32:09 PM
    Been there myself when I used too much ROC face cream and woke up looking like I had provo disease....took several days for the redness to clear. I get in that mindset that if a little works...why not use more and then I remember why the hard way. I just bought the L'oreal Butterfly voluminous mascara...and I can't seem to brush it on my lashes with the three comb thingy? ..I end up getting mascara all over the place. Let me know when you need me to join you in Hawaii....I love the earrings...but now that you mention it...Have a wonderful flight and you will look marvelous in first class! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1845 days ago
    Oh so true, all of it. We get sucked in by ads that promise the world and deliver nothing.

    With the mascara - get a tube of colourless mascara and a tube of whatever is your fave. Put on a coat of the colourless - first one eye, then the other - pretend it's normal mascara and just put on however many strokes you normally do. Then, don't let it dry - just put your black or brown mascara on top of that. The two coats together really add volume without using several coats of coloured mascara. (It also washes off better.) Don't let the colourless dry, it will make the coloured mascara go on in clumps and look too fake.
    1845 days ago
    OMG! Your blog was so funny and true...many of us have been there and done that. When I got to the part about the earrings and then saw the picture, I laughed so hard I choked on my iced tea. Thank you for sharing!
    1845 days ago
  • NJGP1960
    You made me smile. I hope you have a wonderful trip.
    1845 days ago
    I totally understand about the Voluminous mascara. I thought it was just me, but the last tube I bought wasn't anything like what I've come to expect. BareMinerals Lash Domination gives me *okay* results, but I couldn't find a waterproof formula when I went hunting, so I'm still looking. Please update if you find a Voluminous replacement!

    Also, you look lovely, and the earrings are lovely too.
    1845 days ago
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