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Meddling Rant

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

I am one of these ppl who doesn't really get mad immediately. It takes me a few days to look back on what happened and really get mad. I was vague about what my coworker did last week. I had already put my two weeks in and I had 2 days left to work. Driving back with her she told me that if I wanted to come back to this job at another time, that I should be honest with our boss and tell him about my pregnancy because honestly is best. Why is that his business? Why is that her business? So I am very agreeable with ppl, ya ya that's a good idea. I should do that... No that's a stupid idea, I am probably not gonna do that. So what did she do? She called him on my behalf and told him for me.... I tried not to be angry with her cuz I hate confrontation and she's the type that would get right back in your face and tell you how she was in the right. She is someone u don't wanna friend but you don't wanna be enemies with either. But evidently each side of that sword is sharp. So I have been done working since Friday. She called me this morning to work, before my old boss did. I guess this other girl I can't stand and is nasty is in the ER this morning. So they wanted me to replace her. I made something up, I don't wanna see her again. She said "Just trying to get you some money." I have a wedding this weekend and working 2 days this week, she knows that. I am fine plus I need to prep for the wedding. Ughhh you know I did wanna come back but she is making me not want to come back, ever. She has been there 6-8 yrs and never leaving. Some people are so toxic! I thrive on peace and equality and she is like a tornado that just makes me nervous to look at.

Did I mention she got a 3 day pass to my gym and has been coming into that safe zone as well. Yesterday was her last day for that, thank god. She made some buoyancy joke to my friend Jenny in water aerobics when we were treading water, UGHHH omg get out of my life!!! This is the first time I have ever gotten close to someone with the same name as me. Not meant to be!
Ok I am done ranting.

Eating was better yesterday. I figured out that gingerale takes away the 'starving feeling' for a little bit anyway. Live and learn and experiment. I met my friend at the graveyard and got almost 10k steps just walking with her and the pups.

If you have netflix you should check out this documentary. It won best documentary at the academy awards this year. It's called 20 feet from stardom. about back up singers and how some of them had to ghost for other performers. Just amazing all these voices over the years you have heard and never knew what they looked like.
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    Sounds like this woman is "spying" on everyone, collecting data, stalking, so she can use it to suck up to the boss. She has a lot of nerve to call you and ask you to work after stabbing you in the back. I would not want to work with her ever again.

    Gingerale works for me too and just plain ginger for stomach problems too.I always keep both here plus ginger tea.
    1482 days ago
    Wow, what a busybody! Who does she think she is? (I definitely would have told her off - some people you really don't want in your life!)
    1482 days ago
    Ok, that is not ok her for her to spill the beans. NOT ok, at all.

    I tried watching that documentary yesterday - cool, but couldn't quite get into it!
    1482 days ago
    What does it matter to this employer if you're pregnant? I so don't understand... Sorry you've had to deal with such a pain in the as$.
    1482 days ago
    Sometimes you nnrd to stand up to these type of people and take your own power back. emoticon
    1483 days ago
  • DNJEN471
    I'm so glad she's been cut out. I'm telling you it's not worth keeping toxic people around... Cutting ties is best. Now onto better, less drama full work... Glad to hear you found something that helps. I remember my dr recommending something called preggy-pops, you can buy them at target- they are ginger flavored suckers. They seemed to help for a bit, but then the taste of ginger turned into a bad thing... So you just never know. Way to go on those steps girl!!
    1483 days ago
    Don't let people get under your skin. You are stronger that that!
    1483 days ago
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