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Day 3 of starving to death

Monday, March 31, 2014

I read online to just keep food with u and eat every 2 hours. Attempting to not listen to my stomach 24/7 or I would be eating all day long. This is something I am not good at. Been on spark over 6 yrs and watched everything I ate, being strong. Now I feel like I have no control and it's killing me. I guess it's good I gained a little weight over winter, cuz it seemed to help things happen finally. I just heard somewhere that women trying to get pregnant should eat all their milk products in the full fat versions. Didn't hear that advice before, my friend did tell me to eat ice cream every night tho lol

Yesterday I ate much healthier, if I became starving yet again I went for an apple with pb. Such a relief to eat a big meal and not be hungry for an hr. Can't wait to see my doctor and ask her questions about all of this. I remember my friend telling me how exhausted it makes you. I feel like I have no energy at all right now. Even going on a long walk has been kinda rough. Been taking 1-2 hour naps everyday and I am not a napper. Around 3 pm I have been exhausted and just pass out. I did get to my dance class yesterday and felt sluggish but I made the best of it. Then I made it this morning at 5 am again. Hopefully I am not double starving to death today from doing that.

Coffee, I know I don't have to cut the coffee totally but I haven't really wanted it. Trying to change over to tea more so. Coffee has been too rough on my stomach especially after I cut the creamers out. Plus it's nice to save on the calories every morning. Every little bit counts.

Anyone get migraines when pregnant? I had one last week and kinda freaked out. Since I was 50 miles from home and couldn't take anything. I looked at babycenter and they said to take tylonel and drink a coke for the caffeine. Any other recommendations on there? I never started getting these til a yr ago and they always come on right before TOM with the drop of my estrogen. I guess this is a whole new issue.
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    unfortunately no advice there but hey congrats!
    1478 days ago
    No advice, just happy for you!
    1479 days ago
    My headaches were the WORST during pregnancy. And i couldn't take ibuprofen, which normally knocked them out, and Tylenol didn't touch them. The caffeine helps, but I don't normally drink caffeine so a little bit usually did the trick. A heating pad on the back of the neck helped, too. You should actually eat full fat dairy all the time, because it has less sugar. But during pregnancy it's even more important. You are creating a human. You need to let yourself rest and feed it good fats. Avocadoes, beans, lots of'll do great.
    1479 days ago
    I would definintely eat as healthy as possible - fresh meat, fish, dry beans, seeds, nuts, fresh fruits, fresh veggies, dairy. Avoid processed foods, artifical sweeteners, salt, transfats, alcohol. Apple with peanut butter is great. I don't use caffeine. You will probably need more rest now. When the baby is born your schedule will change any way so it's best to be flexible and rest when you need it and can.
    1479 days ago
  • THESB25
    I feel like this is all a right of passage and you're going first (and if I'm lucky I'll be blogging about the same things some day).

    Don't have any advice other than I'm the kind of person to google everything and just see what others' experiences are. Like I said before, do what's comfortable, take care of you, and just explore different things until you find something that works for you in terms of eating and exercise.

    You know those people who go around looking like all they have is a basketball under their shirt...well I'm convinced I will never be one of those people. If you're gaining as you go and it's not all tummy don't worry. You know how to keep a healthy lifestyle when you're not pregnant.

    I don't even know if I'm saying the right things to be supportive... Oi. Just know I think you're awesome and I'm enjoying your blogs about your experiences. Blog on woman!
    1479 days ago
  • DNJEN471
    I got a lot if headaches with Xavier... As you know we didn't find out the sex with either of our kids- but someone had told me if you get a lot of headaches then it's likely a boy and your body is reacting to his testosterone.... Who knows how true that is... All I know is I had tons of headaches with Xavier and was just nauseous all the time with Arabella.

    It's normal to be starving and tired right now... Listen to your body and feed it when it's hungry and sleep when you're tired! Take the best care if you!! emoticon
    1480 days ago
  • SNS1968
    emoticon emoticon
    1480 days ago
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