My Wasted March

Sunday, March 30, 2014

As much as I believe in "live only for today; focus only on today" it's amazing at how quickly I am able to justify giving in to bad habits when I am not feeling "up" to being kind to myself.

Day after day in March I made excuses for eating poorly, not exercising properly, not drinking enough water, regardless of all of you friends picking me up and checking on me. I'd do really well one week then dive into my selfish abyss the next. So the 6 lb goal and challenge was ultimately me just looking at it and saying, "Nah - I'd rather be unhealthy." Granted, it never came through in words, just actions.

Emotions ran rampant, and my impatience with myself kicked in and I semi-gave-up when I saw a picture of myself, a day when I was feeling like I looked pretty good. I stared at the picture and thought (and pardon my acronym) "WTF?!?!?!" rolls, rolls, rolls...

My positive side said, "Imagine what that pic would have looked like before you lost the 14 pounds." So there is THAT. And a more positive is when my husband, being sweet, said I was "wasting away." I told him, "Drop in the bucket. I've only lost 14." He said, "I'd love to have lost 14." Okay...getting head on straighter...

I will weigh in tomorrow, to what will be ugly and may even be a weight-gain to where I was prior to 31 days ago. Not proud, and I am glad my workout challenge buddy (ABAKER34) is resolved to do well by herself and, quite frankly, kicked butt.
My April challenge is with my brother, with whom I am going on vacation this summer (our families = 9 of us). He has 2x as much weight to lose as I do, and we are both trying to lose some weight before this summer.

The challenge is an 8 lb weight-loss challenge, with the winner getting a $10 iTunes credit from the 1st runner up. As we know, either way we both win if we lose...

So my goal is to be good to me, every day, in April. This doesn't mean I won't eat birthday cake (3 celebrations this month), or pizza (during one birthday celebration), but it does mean that I will be a better planner to allow myself some higher calories on those days coming up and still see a fat-loss on the scale.

Thanks for not giving up on me. You guys are awesome, and I am (once again), humbled by your wonderful and unwavering support.

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  • ABAKER34
    It's a challenge for all of us, what's awesome about you is that you are still here getting your support and pushing on. My struggles are my weekends with my family, for some reason I seem to equate that with eating. We go out and runaround, and I'm like...bring on the fried foods! When I'm at work I can block myself from unhealthy foods, but at home on the weekends it's like a gorge fest. I love that you are having a friendly competition with your brother, remember, girls rule and boys drool, go get him! emoticon
    1849 days ago
  • KAREN608
    Ah, photos. Same here. Last week photos were given out of the week before, and the way I was sitting ... double chin roll that you would NOT believe. I normally try to sit up straight, and it looks so much better. Slouching... well ... ooh no.

    But then I thought, well THIS is a before picture. Just watch me.
    I will NOT let that double chin live there forever.
    This is going to take time but I will beat this, one day at a time.

    I understand struggling. But the main thing is to keep challenging yourself, and sounds like you are. Good for you!
    1849 days ago
  • 68ANNE
    I've struggled this month with the trying to talk myself out of eating right and doing my fitness. I've mostly kept at it because of everyone here and my 100 day challenge. You can do this!
    1849 days ago
  • KONRAD695
    There is all kind of stuff I could say, but I don't think there is anything you don't already know. Most of the things we've learned we just don't use. I fight every day with my weight, even though I can run 6 miles a day. If I actually took care of myself, I'd run that 6 miles every day and never have a problem again.

    Everyone who has figured it says the same thing- small steps, long long long term, and don't focus on the bumps in the road. I keep trying, and I keep faltering.

    Maybe one day, one of us will get it. Then we can telepath the other the secret. Until then, let's just keep pushing along the best we can. And the "Best We Can" is better than "what we've done".

    You keep pushing, I'll keep pushing. emoticon

    emoticon Konrad
    1849 days ago
    Good luck on your challenge. emoticon
    1849 days ago
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