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Europe Trip - Days 7-8-9 (2014- blog 84)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cannot believe that in just a few days we have gone from Germany to France to England and back to France again! Have visited my family in Germany then trotted off to London to visit more family in the span between blog 83 and 84!

After our delightful jaunt in Heidelberg, we took off in the very fast train through France to London. The countryside was such a treat. Although we did want to sleep, it seemed ashame to do so with the wonders of both English and French hills, villages and rivers going by. So, we limited sleep to tiny and efficient little naps.

Our first horrendous meal was on this train ride. I will say I did not expect it as the meal was served on real plates, with real silverware, and with small wine glasses to boot! I took one bite and stopped. Then I got the major case of the giggles because I just struck me as hilarious to see such elegance in the serving and such horrible food. Still strikes me a giggle-worthy.

No worries, we certainly made up for it nce we arrived in London. We managed to figure out the Tube. I will say I am rather proud of ourselves as we arrived right smack dab in the middle of rush hour and navigated from St. Pancras Station to somewhere close to Notting Hill ...the hordes of people was truly amazing. I felt like a teeny tiny sardine swept up into the Tube waves. Phenomenal!

Arrived at our family's home and the next two days began. No wifi at their home and we just never stopped anywhere that had wifi while in our whirlwind of a visit. After a long walk through Kensington gardens and Hyde park, I found my birth home near Harrods and THAT was outstanding. Then another walk to meet my niece for the first time. A fine young lady of 24 studying her PhD in neuroscience at the Imperial College of London. Stunning and and so down to earth.

Did lots more walking and enjoyed some excellent meals. I was amazed at the abundance of healthy foods that were so accessible..and have been all along this trip. No excuse really for not eating well. The world has changed since I was last in Europe. A healthy lifestyle as our personal responsibility is not a localized issue. That was motivating.

We are now back in Paris for just a night. Off by train to Bayeaux where we will visit Omaha Beach where my father-in-law landed on D- day. Will be a moving trip for sures.

Several Days' Impression = quite enjoying recapturing memories! making new memories along with more train rides

P.s. Spark people really needs to add a train to the emoticons just for me!!!! ;)
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