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Beyond Academia

Friday, March 28, 2014

I love my job as a Teacher Assistant. Granted, it doesn't pay as much as a teacher's salary by a longshot, but neither does it involve all the extra work. I have respect and admiration for the teachers with whom I have worked. And I know that their higher pay barely makes up for their student loans!
One thing I like about my workplace is the opportunities it gives me to do more than merely help with various subjects (usually Math). It's the "extracurricular" interaction.
There's the student who has come to church with me, who needs discipleship. The other day since he didn't have a first block class, he met me in the library. I'd given him a Bible, but he is still weak in feeding himself - a real baby in Christ. So we went over to one of the tables and I took from the shelf the new Testament that was in MODERN English, and read to him the 1st and 2nd chapters of Acts. Will continue in that book. Just reading to him.
Then there's my second block assignment, which is secretarial - and if I finish early or there are no envelopes to stuff or copies to make, or papers to file, or observations to do, I'm free. And sometimes I'll go down to the weight room. There's a class there occasionally, and so I just go in there and do more than a majority of the students. And there's one such student, one of the few white students, who likes to talk. Although he is an avowed pagan, in Christ "I am all things to all people" - not PAGAN - but I can find common ground. So - we talked about pets. He stood in front of the treadmill and as I puffed and interjected occasionally about my own menagery experience, he talked about his various dogs and rabbits and hamster. He followed me to the various weight machines. Sometimes the best Gospel you can preach is listening and being a friend. Then at the right time, the Lord opens the door to drop His seed.
My school will be undergoing a change next year. I don't know if I will be assigned here. My understanding is that it will take the worst of the worst - the trouble-makers, the 17-20 year olds who have only 5 credits, so there's no hope of graduation; kids who will try to get their GED's....When encouraged to put in for voluntary transfer, I did, but I listed this as my first choice, because it is in MY neighborhood. Assignments for TA's will be based on the need in Special Ed, I made my request known, and leave the rest to the Lord. Because it goes beyond mere academics. I may be the only Christ these kids will see.
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