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DAY 24: Why I hate the scales

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I was back up 2 pounds this morning.

There is NO WAY I ate enough to gain 2 pounds yesterday. I was right on plan with both fitness and at the low end of the calorie range.

Who knows and who cares. . . .

I KNOW yesterday was a success, regardless what the scales say.

So, why did I step on the scales this morning?

Was I looking for affirmation or reassurance that I did good yesterday?

Was I hoping for a lower number than yesterday?

After the number on the scale revealed a 2 pound gain over night, I felt horrible, disappointed, ticked off at myself.

I felt like I had failed. Again.

Then that old familiar Stinkin' Thinkin' tape started playing in my head again . . . see you coulda eaten that biscotti! see what you get for doing those extra fitness minutes! blah blah blah . . . .

It took me a few minutes to get my head straight about it . . . I went to bed last night feeling proud of myself for doing good. And I did do good yesterday, and I'm going to do good again today.

Why do we let those scales hold such power over us?

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    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1485 days ago
    I SO understand! I am good most of the time and the weight just stubbornly sticks to me!
    There are many reasons, even when you have been good. Not just salt, but that is huge. Hormones play a huge part and not just estrogen, we have many hormones in our bodies and anything out of whack just a little can cause havoc.
    Still we are fearfully and wonderfully made, so that scale is not a reflection of success or failure.
    Keep up the good work!
    (Cute cartoon by the way, the one with the gun! I can relate.)

    1485 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/28/2014 1:07:36 PM
    emoticon scales are not the measure of who you are!! emoticon
    1485 days ago
    Very good blog! We are more than a number!
    1485 days ago
    This is why I weigh once a week. My brain can't wrap around the ups and downs of daily weighing and I get to obsessive about the number. I highly recommend changing to a once a week weigh in.

    It is only a number, but it's so hard. Measure your body, check how the clothes fit, evaluate how you feel. Those are more important measurements, anyway.

    Know that others relate and are the same way. Make today a good one! emoticon
    1485 days ago
    I only weigh once a week for that very reason...the scale fluctuates too much. I figure once a week, on the same day, will give me an average...which is all I need to know.

    As I told someone yesterday...I always wear one of 2 PJs that weigh the same amount (.4 lb) on the morning I'm going to weigh myself. I want to be very fair with myself!
    1486 days ago
    Hi, I love your bike! Dog is pretty cute too! I hate stepping on the darn scale too. I haven't been lately because as you said it just plain bums me out.

    1486 days ago
    Water weight and/or salt. You'll be ok. I believe in you.
    1486 days ago
    Like U said Wed ........... You are not exercising for the scales but for health and yourself ................ They are NOT accurate for actual true wt. loss ............ they measure a number of things .............. like SODIUM .......... and muscle gain ........... Last week I lost 2 pounds and lost ONE INCH in the waist very recently! I was so happy and could squeeze my booty into some snuggy pants ............... emoticon and I FORBADE myself for getting on the emoticon scale ............. BUT of course I DID and even though I had tracked every morsel ......... and worked out like a bandit ............... it jumped right back up again!!! ........ I bought a full length mirror and I can SEE my body has trimmed down! My dh told me it is due to all the stretch band and strengthening stuff I am doing .............. It buffs up muscle!!! ................. so snub that scale .................. Clothes fit tells it best ............... and I KNOW when I have had too much salt ............... rings fit tighter .................. emoticon
    1486 days ago
    I think you are doing fabulous. The scale and tape measure and people will come around to realizing this soon enough.
    1486 days ago
    I know that you have been very dedicated to your Challenge and so I think this scale thing is just a fluke! I know that weight loss will show up on the scale the next time you step on it - to squish it like a bug - LOL!
    1486 days ago
    This is why I prefer to use my measuring tape emoticon emoticon
    1486 days ago
    Hi Cath! I have had similar experiences. Two or even more pounds on the scale could just be the difference in how long ago you went to the bathroom! I know salt makes a difference for me too, but our age and hormones can play a part too. I don't know about you -- but my experience with my hormones seldom works in MY favor! hehee

    As you told me with breaking the streak -- we know the truth. Punt the scale and move forward! emoticon emoticon
    1486 days ago
    Health is not a number!
    1486 days ago
    too much sodium will do that to me every time
    1486 days ago
    I don't have an answer for you, but I can hear my negative movie reel spinning in my head too in situations like that! And it takes work, but glad you "got over" it.

    HUGS! We ARE more than a #!
    1486 days ago
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