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Today Is The Only Day That Matters

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Today is day 16 of my streak!

When I started my streak 16 days ago, I issued myself a personal challenge; to stay on track for 90 days. I counted up the days and found that in 90 days it will be June 8th. I put a big star on that date on my calendar, and then I got to work.

It wasn't easy. I had been off track for so long, and I had gained back 31 of the 71 lbs I'd lost. Getting started again was tough! But I reminded myself to just make the most of each day as it came, and not to really worry too much about the days ahead of me. I put an index card on my bathroom mirror that says "TODAY is the only day that matters."

And every morning when I wake up, I remind myself to just do my best TODAY. I get out of bed, and I put on my workout clothes (or "warrior gear" as I call it.) I get out my journal and I write down my meals for the day, and what workouts I will be doing. Sometimes I add a quote or a few words of encouragement to myself. And then I just do my best to make that day as healthy as possible.

I aim for progress, not perfection.

Yesterday, I had an awesome non-scale victory. Hubby gave me a hug, and then stopped and hugged me again. He said "Wow, your waist feels a lot firmer!" And this may be TMI (too much information) but in response I said "Well if you like that, then you should feel my butt!"

Its pretty cool that after just 16 days of being back on track, there are noticeable changes in my body. The muscle firmness that I had lost while I was off track is starting to come back. My stamina for my workouts is returning too. And my too tight clothes are starting to fit better. (Still a bit too tight, but not super uncomfortably tight.) I can see and feel that I am making progress.

Its really exciting to imagine where I could be when June 8 rolls around. But to be honest, I don't think about that very often. I am staying focused on TODAY, and doing my best to make the most of it.

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