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Layoff-Style Yoga

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Whenever there is something wrong with my job situation (and somehow I've scheduled a live, brick-and-mortar class on the heels of it) I make no bones about laying my trip on the yoga teacher in question. The Pilates Yogini was no exception. Though, I have to admit, this was the first time a layoff issue was presented in about 5 years, and THAT first time was violent, hysterical and I'd broken down crying BEFORE class ... angered the snooty studio owner - separate from the teacher - and fled the class despite the teacher trying to get me into participating in the class (the first time was "survivor guilt" in this tiny company; and layoff fears ... really deeply felt ... and I'd had issues with the instructor and his instruction's not-quite-appropriateness (full of assorted suburban conceits, such as absolute full expression of headstand, instruction in the Beginner's Class) for my mental condition. Mentally stronger now, FWIW ...

"Look, I've just suffered a layoff and that's why I'm here ...:

and then after class,

"Wow it worked". Which it did.. She, speaking fast and in accented English, the class never, ever stopping, the whole class was a fusion of modern dance moves and yoga done at a rapid pace, with all the spiritual bells and whistles I like.

This is not done on purpose. It never is. But I will take a different class, partially because reality tends to make each party uncomfortable. I've only a few classes. And my hips joints and hamstrings were screaming in delayed muscle soreness last night--could not do my usual killer cardio belly dance self-sequence.

Yesterday, 72 minutes straight, of belly dance instruction (belly dance fitness) via virtual/video instructors whom I can't tell my problems to....

72 minutes .. and no I could not sleep on former schedule ...

Playing hooky on tonight's yoga class there, which I can only get to because of a missing commute. I've only a few (prepaid, from when I'd still had a job) classes left ...

Detected inappropriateness anyway, in Theme. Theme seems to be very early Spring (twists upon twists upon twists), but is inappropriate for the unseasonably low temperature and the expectation of snow later on in the week, at that time .. then I find out later, it's their year-round style. Which is not the style I'd thought it was (I'd gone in there with NO expectations) ... um, this is not a mild style .. but some kind of off-the-wall vinyasa style ... However, it was so tough to follow, I'd congratulated the teacher on getting me out of my laid-off-ness funk!!!!!

Incredibly centering, but then depending upon the day's theme (still have to hammer that part out), so is the S.E.A. Change I innovated.

Most times,though, my OWN style is not very centering at all. Those are the times I stuff it full of calisthenic ab exercises ... [the real killer ones--most of the time the THEME calls the shots for whatever sequence]

Anyway, The Pilates Yogini's class: It's fast-moving, they don't stop, and it's taught in "Yoga Teacher Workout" style, i.e., just like an aerobics class with the instructor staying up front practically the entire time and doing everything with the class--NO stopping much for pinpoint instruction, and little correction ... Better than a canned yoga workout on dvd, though; in that she occasionally DOES come around, and has aromatherapy at the end ...

Not too bad, but after days of having done cardio dance at home, since doing Slower is Stronger by J. Brown, it suddenly gives me a hankering for a cardio dance class (live) -- even with an instructor formerly unknown to me ... and to play hooky on THIS class ...

I "stole" two moves from this class, neither of which are pilates moves (sigh) ... Plus neither of which was crow, swapped from headstand (contraindicated for my medical condition -- I DO want to prevent diabetic retinopathy--I do a small handful of inversions yet, and headstand/handstand/full shoulderstand are none of them!) ... And that's a new development, even - from avoiding downdog held for more than three (3) in-out full breath cycles and avoiding them ALL ...for about 13 months

Hot-damn-disappointed about THAT!

I am referring to the lack of inspiration in the exact way I was looking for ...

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