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Friday, March 21, 2014

Well sparkfriends, I was informed yesterday that I was not chosen to move forward to the second interview for a permanent position. emoticon My manager did say that she wants to help me find somewhere in Nationwide that I can work and get hired on, so at least I made a good impression that way. I lacked enough experience to beat out the others, but it still gives me more experience than I had to begin with.

As for this week, I've done pretty good. Stayed within my calorie range especially when I get a good workout in. I noticed that my calorie ranges moves up depending on how many calories I burn through extra movement and exercise, but I don't over do it. I've had a healthy breakfast, snacks, and lunch all week. Dinner for the most part has been on par. Sodium has been down or a little over for most of the week. I've been drinking a lot of water and I've gone to the gym for over an hour the last two days. Planning on going tonight and tomorrow to try and make up for Monday and Tuesday since I slept through both time slots to go to the gym. emoticon

I took a peek at my weight this morning. I know I really shouldn't have, but I was curious. I have to say it was really discouraging. It went up. Am I just fluctuating? Am I missing something? Is it my muscles being swollen from the night before? Am I doing something wrong? I have to do something to break through this. If I can't even lose a pound in a month and I sit back and examine where I went wrong, fix it and still there is no moving, it's beyond demotivating. emoticon Maybe I'm over examining everything. Maybe my body is just fighting me to stay at this weight since is the most common weight I've been at. Maybe it's just muscle forming and I'm just working myself up for nothing. I think it's because it's one thing in my life I can control and actually do and even that seems out of reach right now. Maybe I should just put up the scale for a while and take it out when I'm done feeling like I'm being defeated every time I weigh-in. I confided in my boyfriend that it's enough to make me want to give up and just throw in the towel. Even though he tells me I'm fine the way I am, he told me not to because it's something I want to do. He gave me some confidence. Now I just need to find it for myself. I think another thing that is getting to me is that my other friends have made progress where I have stayed the same or gone up. The words " Not Fair" run across my mind a little more than I'd like to admit. However, we're all in this together so their success is also mine and that's what I try to focus on. I took my frustration out at the gym last night, and I'm feeling it today. Just a little sore, mostly in my stomach, and a little in my arms and shoulders.

So with this attitude, I will put up the scale when I get home. I will eat right and exercise and push myself. I will use other ways of measuring my progress, how I feel, how my clothes fit, and how my body looks. Then, when I feel I can do it, I will face the scale again. I will do all of this while completing my schooling for the school year and finding a permanent position. So many things going on at once, it just drives me insane. emoticon

Also, I need to go grocery shopping. I need something else in my life and I'm going to try and meal plan for the week. I've never done it before and I'm willing to try it. Make, then freeze my portions and thaw the night before and bring them to work. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I think that doing this will definitely help keep my salt, sugar, and hunger down. So this weekend I'm going to go for it and try it for the week and see how well it helps me. I might pull out the scale at the end of the week just to see if that made a difference, then put it back up. I'm not sure. I might just hold off on weighing period and I'll just gauge by how my clothes fit. If they're getting tighter, I will know I'm not watching something and fix it. If they get looser, then I know I'm going in the right direction.

Now that being said. Does anyone have any suggestions for food that would be good prepare for the work week? Keep in mind, I extremely dislike rice, sour cream( of any sort), cream cheese( of any sort), and tend to stay away from seafood although I like tuna and I've had salmon.
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    I can relate to you with the job frustration in some ways. It`s been going on three years and it`s only recently that I have got a permanent part-time position in nursing. Although it has it`s perks, it definitely still very difficult to have a life and feel guilt free when saying no to a shift because I`m busy or honestly run down.

    As far as progress wise, I`ve been having my ups and downs lately too. I`m pretty much super cardio obsessed, but now that my body is so used to it, it takes immense amounts of exercise to get the scale to budge even a pound or two. I really can`t continue to be this way because it`s super exhausting. And I`m really not the type of confident person to go to my gym and work out with weights. I`m so shy when it comes to that. I think I`m going to have to amp up the strength training at home. Like how you said you are frustrated by barely losing weight, I feel the same for the past 6-7 months. It`s like I`m working so hard and barely anything. I feel like I`m torturing myself to just maintain. Anyway, I feel for ya. If you need some support, I`m always here. We are all in this together. emoticon
    1553 days ago
    you keep at it .... and sorry for the interview, hope the other works out for you.
    1554 days ago
    Muscle weighs more than fat. Assess your progress other ways than the scale, like you mentioned.
    As for the job, there may be a better position right around the corner. Keep looking up!
    1554 days ago
    Hey, your resume was good enough for an interview and you got a good recommendation from your manager. Those are two wins you made. Celebrate them while you gain more experience.
    It does feel unfair. Yes, the amount of work you put in to your journey is the same as the work you put in when you started. We would all like to lose 10 pounds a week but it just doesn't work that way.
    I love baked chicken recipes. Try chicken with 1 Tbsp. of any sauce you like; BBQ, salsa, Asian sweet and sour, enchilada, brown sugar garlic on SP recipes is great and dead easy.

    1555 days ago
    Sorry that you didn't get the permanent position. It just means that there is an even better position out there just for you.

    My scale resides in my closet. I pull it out for my weekly weigh in. Sometimes I sneak a peek at my weight. Remember our weight fluctuates 1-2 pounds every day. It will be okay. Clothing and how you feel is the best gauge.

    Now for your meals: overnight oatmeal is amazing! I do pasta meals for lunch/dinner. Snacks: fruit, veggies, hummus.

    You can do this!
    1555 days ago
  • MUFFIY831
    I *SO* hear you on the 'not fair' inner voice. You're right though, you just have to power through and go by how you feel and how your clothes fit. Maybe measurements might be better for you than the scale? Just a thought. As for meal planning, I am all about making a big batch of something and eating it all week. Some people get bored with that but I like it. I would recommend something like a baked oatmeal for breakfasts, maybe a pasta or casserole for lunch/dinner. There are also lots of snacks I like to keep handy like hummus and carrots/pita chips, fresh fruit, nuts/seeds, etc. Good luck!
    1555 days ago
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